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Is Recycling Gifts Really That Bad?

We have so much stuff. Do we actually need more Santa mugs and fluffy slippers even for Christmas? Probably not. Whether you enjoy the holidays because of all the gifts or you find joy in giving them, the idea of handling presents sustainably and mindfully is a conversation we must have

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Fostering Intersectionality with Toni Taus

Antoinette Taus, also known as Toni Taus, is an award-winning actress and singer in The Philippines but has now dedicated her time to becoming an influential changemaker. Taus is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Program as well as the Founder of CORA and The Sustainable Planet. On the 18th of October, 2021, Toni was invited by Enderun Care to speak about her journey and accumulated wisdom so far.

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Sustainability in 3 Ways Reviewing the “Don’t Be Trashy: A Guide To Sustainability” Webinar

Sustainability is a word we come across on a regular basis nowadays. From fashion advertisements to social media activists, the term “sustainability” is undeniably the new topic of many conversations and the target for many corporations and groups. It can be applied to all fields and systems. But what is sustainability? And what does it mean to become sustainable?