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An Epicurean Delight 0

An Epicurean Delight

ADF+Enderun students were treated to a foie gras workshop held by Chef Paulin Rio, Conseiler Culinaire of Rougie Sarlat. Foie gras is a fattened duck or goose liver. It is characterized by a rich...

Leading the Way 0

Leading the Way

In the forefront of nurturing leaders are individuals with varied backgrounds. They tell Ink how, through their initiatives, they are driven in contributing to the growth of the Enderun community. The student government embodies...

What's the Catch? 0

What’s the Catch?

Several people aim to be successful businessmen. Some people though, think it’s impossible to even start up their own business. Putting up one’s own business sounds very challenging, in fact it actually is. In...

The Razor-Sharp Businessman 0

The Razor-Sharp Businessman

Prominent people frequently grace Enderun’s guest book. On March 9, 2011, another prominent businessman visited the campus as speaker in Success Series talks. Mr. Anthony Huang, Executive Vice President of Store Specialists Inc., a...