Author: Gabrielle Gayosa

Society for a Cause 0

Society for a Cause

Photography by Dan Samson, Ardee Salegonn and Tiffany Santos     “Ink searched and looked into a few of Enderun Colleges’ outstanding individuals, through their exceptional involvement in personal enthusiasms. While it may never...

Open for Opportunities 0

Open for Opportunities

One of the things that Enderun Colleges prides itself in is the international community within its campus. Mentors and learners alike comprise the culturally diverse population, bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds in...

Hotel Series Brings Hyatt Residential Group 0

Hotel Series Brings Hyatt Residential Group

Top executives of the Hyatt Residential Group [HRG] recently visited the campus to speak about the growing vacation ownership industry, and the countless opportunities it brings to management students. John Burlingame, Global Head of...

Industry Practitioners in Class 0

Industry Practitioners in Class

In the following weeks of SY2012, Enderun Colleges’ Advanced Hotel Operations (HA370) classes, under Ms. Ruth Hung, will be hosting talks from some of the industry’s top professionals. Much like some other classes in...

RSO Guide - Alter Eco 0

RSO Guide: Alter Eco

The presence of environmental concerns has been more evident than before. People are even more proactive, as they are more educated regarding these matters. It is no surprise that Enderun Colleges has its own...

Tips for Internship 0

Tips for Internship

Undergoing internship is the exposure to the real facet of the industry. It helps you have more understanding by being in actual situations. From there, you can also determine what you want to be...