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RSO Fair Week: The Act of Giving and Learning

One of the most highly anticipated events of Enderun is back! Last September 27 to October 1, 2021 we had our RSO Fair Week where different organizations prepared events for our students. For this year’s RSO Week, the students were given the opportunity to learn and give back to our community with two particular events, hosted by Enderun Zonta and Culinaire.

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Spectrum | A Step Closer to Gender Equality

Spectrum is an Enderun Organization that stands for one of the strongest fights our society is facing right now, gender inequality. Cha Martin as the team’s President (they/them) and Ashley Perez (she/her) as the Vice President. They both have been interviewed to gain more insight about what exactly the new organization stands for and the services they offer.

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Enderun Entrepreneurs Society: Internship Stories During the Pandemic

Last September 29 to October 1, Enderun Entrepreneur’s Society hosted a webinar entitled the BA & BSE Internship Series. In this 3-day series, the organization aimed to share the stories of the Enderun students that have undergone internships during the pandemic. The featured students representing the various courses under BA and BSE shared their journey from applying to numerous companies to accomplishing seemingly impossible work tasks. The narratives of their internship experience serve as an inspiration for everyone to make the most out of the work-from-home setup and to remain resilient in the process of internship.

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Enderun’s Solution Is Less Pollution

The environment includes all of the world’s lovely things: colors, flora, and fauna. It is the yellow flowers that remind you of your mother’s warm touch or when you squint your eyes searching for the sun. It is the rare blue butterfly that reminds you of the sensation of your body being submerged by the dark blue ocean or the cold flash of a snowflake melting on your tongue.

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FRESHMAN MIXER 2021: How You Doin

The start of the school year is an exciting time for any freshman. They’re presented with the prospect of new environments, new people, and new opportunities. But because of the pandemic, meeting new people and interacting with the community has proven to be a challenging task. For this reason, the IHM Special Projects Team, decided to host the Freshman Mixer over Zoom last September 27, 2021. The event aimed to give freshmen the opportunity to meet and interact with their batchmates.

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Mi Casa Es Su Casa with Ms. Charina “Shane” Co

As classes begin to roll in and we have been stuck with the same setting as last year, it has been relatively challenging for us to go on. There is a collective yearning to go out, meet our friends, and experience campus life. A mutual understanding settles between Enderun students; the displeasure of lack of progress mixed in with the loneliness of solitudeC

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EES Career World: A Look into Professional Life after College

College is the time of our lives when we discover and learn more about ourselves. At the very least, our academic institutions help guide us towards the start of our lives as career people. At the end of our college life lies our infinite choices and potential in the professional world. EES’ Career World helped its attendees meditate on the possibilities of their future.

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Titans, Assemble! What To Anticipate for E-Titans Week’s Comeback

Time to channel your warrior spirit once again, Titans! Because we’re back and ready with one of the biggest events our Enderun community highly anticipates, E-Titans Week. Following last year’s sweet taste of greatness, you might wonder if it’s possible to top such an occurrence. Well, come see for yourself from October 18, 2021 to October 22, 2021. The next round is now here and prepared to give more than you could hope for! Are you ready?

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Enderun Food and Wine Society: Opening Doors for New Opportunities

The Enderun Food and Wine Society (EFWS) is a well-known name in Enderun. It is known not only as the co-curricular Hotel Administration organization, or that organization that hones it’s members to be industry ready, but also as one of the organizations that has been able to provide job opportunities to their members even before they graduate.