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A Titan’s Noche Buena

Among the memorable moments we had last year, who can forget Christmas? Aside from the Christmas break, Noche Buena was one of the anticipated Christmas traditions that students looked forward to.

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Hey there, Titans! You better watch out, and you definitely don’t want to miss out because INK’s Christmas issue has come to town! This holiday season, INK wishes the Enderun community a merry and...

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Do you believe in Santa Claus?

On the night before Christmas, we’ve been told that we will be paid a visit by someone with a long white beard and red robe with white fur trim. This figure carries out a sack filled with gifts that his elves have prepared for a year-long ride on his reindeer.

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How Titans Spend Christmas

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the loveliest and most joyous season—whether you’ll be spending it with your families, friends, or loved ones, at home or around the world. Imagine the ideal Christmas this 2021: The aroma of freshly baked pastries occupies the air, the Noche Buena feast, the Christmas tree sparkling with neatly arranged decorations, and the laughter you hear as your cousins enjoy their new gifts.

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A Merrier Christmas

As Filipinos, we love to celebrate Christmas for as long as possible. We put up Christmas decorations around our house, set up a Christmas tree and play Christmas songs while having our morning coffee as early as September. We can also feel the Christmas spirit in shopping malls where they play Christmas carols and decorate the place with a Christmas theme.

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The Enderun Wishlist | The Longing Wishes of Every Titan

It may be a struggle to come up with a Christmas wish list because we tend to worry about judgment from others when we send it to them. Moreover, we are limited to doing so because of the pandemic. The majority of the things on our list can be a hassle to get in person and even online; everything may be sold out! Others may think that the things on their list are too expensive or what they want is odd. With this, I asked multiple Enderun students through a survey via Google Forms what they wanted for Christmas. I told them to be ambitious, to think outside of the box, and wish for something bigger even if it most probably would not be given. Their answers reflected their true wishes, as well as their authentic Titan hearts and traits.

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Christmas Films that are Trending on Netflix

It’s finally December, and here we all are putting up decorations, preparing the best banquet, playing Mariah Carey and Jose Marie Chan on repeat, and hunting for the perfect present. We have grown accustomed to these familiar activities once the “ber” months begin, and the Christmas fever doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the ever so handy-dandy Netflix, we are provided with movies and TV shows of all genres, even more, than the holiday season begins.

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Is Recycling Gifts Really That Bad?

We have so much stuff. Do we actually need more Santa mugs and fluffy slippers even for Christmas? Probably not. Whether you enjoy the holidays because of all the gifts or you find joy in giving them, the idea of handling presents sustainably and mindfully is a conversation we must have

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Christmas Gifts on a Budget

You said that right! As the season of giving inches closer every day, most Filipinos are frantically preparing items, gifts, and surprises they can provide their loved ones this Christmas. Before you go hysterical and pre-order random, hit-or-miss gifts that are beyond your budget, read this article that is sure to save the day with a few personal gift ideas that are sure to have your favorite people in tears (happy tears, of course!) and still keep your pockets full. So, blast that Mariah Carey song and prepare your shopping carts as we embark on this worry-free, thoughtful yet uncomplicated gift list!

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Something I Wish I Knew Before Series Part 3: Living the Enderun Life

In this edition of the “Something I Wish I Knew Before” series, we dive deeper into the personal lives of each generation of Titan students. We learn the dos and don’ts from the experiences of Reese Labay, Ervin Abcede, and Rainna Encabo as they share the lessons, development, and encounters they went through in the home of the Titans.