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An Afternoon with the Professors

Graphics by Michella Dib Last February 26, the IHM Special Projects Team held “IHM Meet and Eat” as the team’s last event during Student Life Week. Hosted by Michella Dib, this event was intended...

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Merienda Time: A Virtual Social Event

Graphics by Archellaine Panganiban Last February 22 and 23, the IHM Special Projects Team, headed by Michella Dib, hosted “Merienda Time,” a virtual social event held via Zoom and Discord. This event aimed to...

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Insights from a Hotelier: Emil Ekberg

Graphics by Manolo Uy On the 11th of February, the Enderun students had the opportunity to have a conversation about the hotel industry during the webinar, “Standards, Online Reputation Management, Guest Experience, Guest Types...

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Make Room For Growth

Graphics by Joy Tagle Everybody makes mistakes. No matter the age or sexuality, leading the “perfect” life is something out of reach. There will always be bumps along the road, and that’s okay. It’s...

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The Mind Of A Journalist

Graphics by Akio Macaraeg “Just because your dream is delayed, it does not mean it is denied” – Faith Del Mundo The Manila Times and The Manila Times College held its 4th Campus Press...

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How You Can Celebrate Chinese New Year at Home

Graphics by Nicole Y. Chua Celebrating Chinese New Year is one of the most exciting holidays one can experience. Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival no matter where they are. It doesn’t always have...