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Making the Most Out of Summer: Titans Edition

More often than not, we find ourselves having trouble figuring out how to spend our summer break, especially when we’re cooped up at home. In order to beat that summer slump we provided a few ideas for you to keep yourself busy this break.

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Pigments of Inclusivity: Reasons Why We Celebrate Pride Month

We know it’s June when corporations start plastering rainbows on their products: some to show solidarity and support with the LGBTQIA+ movement, and some to capitalize on it. But why do we really celebrate Pride? Why are streets filled with rainbow flags particularly during the month of June? These are some of the questions we will be answering as we unfold the origin and purpose of Pride month.

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Tabi-Tabi Po! : A Review on the Filipino Komik Series, Trese

It’s no secret that there’s great passion and love for art in the Philippines. From painting, carving, dancing, singing, film, and many more- for a great deal of such, we Filipinos have integrated our culture into our craft. It’s a very important part of us, and each practice and belief is held dearly by many.

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Go-To Filipino Treats to Enjoy this Summer

Summer is upon us: blazing heat, humid air, and the roasting breeze from the fan. One might cool down with their air-conditioning on 24/7, or (if you’re like me) simply succumb to the heat exhaustion and embrace dormancy. Everyday under this heat, we are all looking for ways to chill out.