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Something I Wish I Knew Before Part 1: Must-Have Apps for College

As we continue with the online setup, some may admit that it’s not getting any easier for us. There are times where we feel unmotivated to do anything or we just feel like resting and that’s totally fine. There are students who want to study with friends rather than being alone, there are some who use different apps to be organized, there are some who use planners to keep track of important dates and many more.

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Techniques and Work Ethics to Become a Better Student

The vast majority of us have spent most of our lives as students. From kindergarten to college, the societal standard of studying keeps us on track and prepares us for individual living. Surprisingly, though, not all students know how to be good students. I admit that I winged a good portion of my academic life.

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Mr. John Hudson Go Shares his Insights on the BA Program

Enderun is known for its international hospitality training in Culinary Arts (CA) and Hotel Administration (HA) which produces leaders in the hospitality industry who are equipped with the right skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field. Through the years, Enderun has been expanding and offering more programs for students. Most people don’t know that Enderun also has a good Business Administration (BA) Program. Having partnerships with Thunderbird Global School of Management and Yeungnam University, BA students are given the chance to study in an international standard.

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Ad Astra Class of 2021!

College graduation is the end and beginning of a whole new journey for the fresh graduates. It is the time to celebrate accomplishments and reflect on what was learned at school, and most importantly plan on the next step of careers and life adventures.

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The Magic World Of Dreamworks

Whenever we hear the company “Dreamworks”, we remember their popular films that we watched in the movie theater or even on Netflix. Some movies that are produced by them are How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, The Croods and more.

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Welcome New Titans!

The beginning of a new school year is finally upon us. This means new Enderun students arriving for both college and senior high school. One of the most daunting experiences in life is starting school in a completely new environment. Having to meet new faces, new professors and start a new beginning.

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Going Home With Gold: 2021 Tokyo Olympics

After a year of postponement, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was finally allowed to commence. While it was initially meant to be held July 29 to August 4, 2020, the recent pandemic had it postponed until this year’s July 28 until August 8. And like many other countries, the Philippines was very excited to send their team of athletes to compete in hopes of bringing home medals.

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A Senior Student’s Internship Guide

Have you ever thought about where you wanna go for an internship? Have you consulted with the Office of Career Services (OCS) already? Do you have a dream company you want to intern at during this pandemic?

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What You Can Look Forward To as a New Enderun Student

Moving to a new school can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. It’s easy to become overwhelmed in a new environment. To help you start out, here are some things you can look forward to in Enderun, as well as a few tips to make the most out of your experience as a freshman or transfer student!