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Leaders Among Us: Part 1

There are leaders all around the world, but let us not forget the leaders in our day-to-day life. We have a set of leaders that we interviewed in order to understand their perspective. We have asked them a few questions that will paint us a picture of their world of responsibility and courage.

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Leader: Defined

There are many obstacles that we will face as we walk through the thorns and thickets of this path we call “young adulthood.” In this path, a single, distinct problem will arise which may not immediately come to our senses. For everyone, regardless if they may be at the dusk or dawn of their collegiate lives, we will all b v soon find ourselves in a situation where we have to choose to be one of two people: a leader, or someone who refuses to be a leader.

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Checklist on Becoming Leaders of Tomorrow: Interview Etiquette

When it comes to first-time internships, confusion is an emotion numerous applicants undergo. 5 AM frantic scrollings through Facebook pages looking for open slots, afternoon lunch breaks watching video advice on what to do during training, and calling possible connections to make the unending process a little more bearable. With various opinions on internships and the “right way” to ensure its success, it is easy for us to get lost in translation. But today, whether you’re planning an internship within the medical field, or are looking into joining advertising agencies, or found a spark of curiosity for hotel management, INK Enderun has got you covered. In this series of becoming leaders of tomorrow, let us dissect the different fields of internships, what to do and how to make the dream come true through proper internship etiquette.

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How To Network

Being in the business industry not only involves a role in promoting your product or service but also allows you to connect with other executives and brands to work together and strive further. Every successful businessman and businesswoman must know that an essential industry skill is networking to achieve bigger dreams.

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Leaders Igniting Sparks

Do you believe that leadership qualities are innate or acquired? Most people would debate about this topic but here in Enderun Colleges we believe that every Titan is capable of being a leader. Leadership is not about following a professor’s orders, setting rules in the classroom, or even having a position that makes you superior to others. Instead, leadership is about inspiring people, setting an example, creating a vision and motivating people to make it a reality. It’s about focusing on positive outcomes. Lucky you because you are in the right environment to hone your leadership skills and one way to improve it is to join leadership programs.

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PATA Annual Summit 2022: Keona Liuson Represents The Enderun IHM Community in UAE

Keona Liuson, PATA PH Enderun Colleges Student Chapter Chairperson, will be flying to Ras Al Khaimah, UAE this coming October 24 to attend her first Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Board meeting during the PATA Annual Summit 2022. Comprising of Industry Leaders’ Conference, Leaders’ Forums, Experiential Tours, and Travel Mart, it will be an engaging 3 days full of productive discussion and shared knowledge.

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Saturday Night Frights Event Recap

Graphics and Photos by Elisha Saquilayan To celebrate the spookiest time of the year, the Enderun Hospitality Hub invited the school’s students, faculty, staff, and even outside guests, for a spooky evening on campus...

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Personalan: Recap on the Stories of Martial Law Survivors

In the early morning of September 21, flocks of Enderun students seated themselves within various corners of the Titans’ Annex Building. Others remained comfortably settled on class chairs, while groups of friends huddled closely together. For those who weren’t at the Annex- you could find them scattered in classrooms and open grounds. Despite the different locations, positions, and ideals, that morning of September showed one clear agenda that all of Enderun Colleges agreed upon- the Commemoration of the 50th Martial Law Anniversary.

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Welcome, and Welcome Back!

We are all ecstatic to say that we are finally returning to the norm, albeit we now have a few new protocols that we need to follow to keep everyone safe. It has been a long two years full of doing everything online: classes, making new friends, events, meetings, and more. Nothing is better than seeing our community of Titan students and staff back on campus together.