Students Win Gold at Culinary Competition

Enderun Colleges once again took part in the World Food Expo (WOFEX), to contend in the Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC) competition. The expo was held at the World Trade Center, and the SMX Convention Center, lasting four days, from August 1-4, 2012.

The World Trade Center was reserved for the WOFEX Trade, exclusively for trade visitors on the first 3 days. On the other hand, the SMX Convention Center held the WOFEX Marketplace, accommodating a number of brands involved in the food industry; from suppliers of cooking equipment and ingredients, culinary institutions, as well as a number of commercial food brands. The SMX venue is also home to the culinary competition grounds, with participants from different culinary schools here and abroad.

Students who were selected were encouraged to join by the chef instructors. They trained for about three weeks, under the instruction of Chefs See, Marc Chalopin and Cyril Ermita, as well as Enderun alumnus Joma Tuaño. During the event, the representatives took part in respective categories to compete in.

According to Safa Rodas, a competitor during the competition, some of the most challenging things she had to face, along with other participants from Enderun Colleges, were “enduring long hours and late night practices”, and “conceptualizing and finalizing one’s competing dish.”

Ultimately, the school garnered three gold medals, including Safa Rodas, who won gold for the Young Chefs Team Category with her competition partner Noel Mauricio. The other gold medals were earned by Calvin Cu for the Beef Category, and the Enderun Dream Team, formed by Jose Gaerlan, Kim Ochoa and Cel Mina, who prepared a three course meal including an appetizer, main course and dessert.

Reyna Villan won a silver medal for the Dress the Cake Category, as well as Alex Bartholomi for Australian Lamb, and Avee Benasa for Sous Vide. Bronze medals were also won, by Philip Salvador for the U.S. Pork Category and by Ian Ma for Local Fish or Seafood.

Safa considers the competition “a learning experience for the whole [Enderun] team.” After all, the competition is where the students had their skills, and their devotion to culinary arts challenged. When asked to wrap up her whole experience, Safa concludes that, “win or lose, what matters was that the opportunity was given to us to represent the school, which encouraged us to do the best we could.”

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