Bollywood Night

Last December 7, 2011 I attended another signature event by Cultura, “Bollywood Night”, an annual event hosted by one of the most reputable organizations in Enderun. Cultura made it possible to see the vibrancy of Indian culture in just a couple of hours.

The décor and ambiance were pleasing to the eye. The lavish and colorful drapes took me by surprise. Who knew our MPCC can look like an amazing lounge just by adding a few details. The event comprised of food, drinks and raffles. Entertainment was provided by Dhool (Indian drums), Anyo, and the coordinator of the very successful event organizer Karishma Gidwani.

Throughout the event I was mesmerized by how the Indian culture was instilled during most of the party. Bindhi’s were given out, the food was Indian fusion-influenced, and the background music was a compilation of the latest Indian beats. Cultura also arranged a Henna booth, as well as Hookah’s (a.k.a. Shisha) in some tables, giving the attendees a chance to experience a selection of exotic flavors.

The Indian culture is amazing. Most of the time, the beauty of a distinct culture is barely accepted, probably because it may never have been carried out properly. But this year, Cultura made an impressive point. Being an Indian it makes me proud when I hear people talk about my roots with respect and love.

I congratulate Cultura and Karishma Gidwani for the spectacular event. Again I write and express that I am Proudly Cultura (whos isn’t?). Epic is merely an understatement to describe such an event.

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Dolly Menghani

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