Enderun & Les Roches: Bright Opportunities Ahead

On the 20th of March 2012, BSIHM-HA students were called in for a general assembly, which turned out to be insightful as well as enlightening. They were given the chance to clarify some things about electives, and if there were any new ones students are willing to take up if established.

One idea brought up by Mr. Jack Tuason was an elective about managing Casinos, and it was pleasant to see that the students reacted positively. Apart from this, a few also mentioned introducing the idea of travelling abroad for class purposes as well as experience. As an international college, being in tune with the trend of tourism and what customers expect in the service industry is vital. Making the learning experience cater not only to the needs of the students, but also to their interests is given high importance and consideration.

Another event that took place simultaneously was the Les Roches Talk. Although only a handful have definite plans of transferring to Les Roches, being given further information about this highly reputable school made an impact to the rest of the students.

They were fortunate to have a representative from Les Roches come all the way to the Philippines to conduct the talk for them. She was also there to proctor and manage the Les Roches Certification Exam that took place last 18th March.

Enderun students are very fortunate to have the opportunity to earn this certification. As Mr. Tuason said, it definitely puts ‘the icing on the cake’ for your resume, once you go off to internship and in the real world for employment.

People who go out of their comfort zone to stretch their potential will definitely go far, so taking advantage of Enderun colleges’ link to many presitigous brands in the service industry is beneficial for its students. Tying in with Les Roches, essentially is already one stepping stone that puts Enderun students ahead on the road to success.

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