Bistro 101

Last month Bistro 101 opened its doors to the public. The Bistro is the brainchild of Gerald Savigny, Restaurant 101’s general manager and an Enderun instructor. Mr. Savigny sought to create a terrace-style cafe as a way to deal with the limitations of the Atrium. Although registered under the same umbrella company, the Bistro offers a more casual alternative to Restaurant 101. In creating the dynamic, he drew his inspiration from the al fresco verandas found all over the streets of Paris. Though indoors, the space is given a natural feel by the foliage that serve as decor.

Still in its initiation, Mr. Savigny has more planned for the new cafe. As of the moment, the Bistro offers coffee, tea, shakes and alcoholic beverages; in the future, he hopes that they can serve “Baby Ala Carte” breakfasts; snacks such as crepes, sandwiches and salads; and in evenings, convert the entire space to a wine bar. As with the Restaurant 101 model, working students serve as the staff of the Bistro.

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