Professors’ Wisdom: CAD Department ft. Arch. Czarina Bumagat

Graphics by: Erika Montenegro & Laya S.

Architecture is officially defined as the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings and is often thought of as a purely artistic and creative field. However, one of our professors disagrees. Architect Czarina Bumagat from the College of Architecture and Design (CAD) of Enderun Colleges believes architecture and design courses combine arts, science, and mathematics.

“Architecture, in particular, is a jack-of-all-trades kind of profession – we need to know a lot about everything!”Architect Czarina

In this three-part series of articles, we will hear from three different professors from the CAD Department of Enderun Colleges who agreed to share their journey and impart wisdom to students aspiring to enter the world of architecture and design. The first of these is Architect Czarina Bumagat, who has been with the CAD department since its founding in 2020.

The College of Architecture and Design had a rough beginning due to many restrictions brought on by the pandemic. Still, they were quick to adapt. Today, they offer degree programs in Architecture, Interior Design, and the most recent addition, Multimedia Arts. The college has an outstanding advisory board and faculty lineup comprising renowned and prominent names in the industry, such as Palafox, Manosa, and more.

Among these names is that of Architect Czarina, who has been practicing architecture since 2014. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas, ranked 7th in the Architecture Licensure Exam, and gained her Real Estate Broker and Master Plumber licenses. She has experience in commercial development, construction, and design, having worked with firms such as Ayala Land, Inc. and Manosa and Company, Inc.

Presently, she is planning to further her studies with a graduate degree in Building Information Modelling Management. Architect Czarina plans on having a specialized practice in Construction Project Management or Built Environment Engineering.

She also teaches some classes at Enderun, such as Visual Technique, different approaches to creating visual outputs that explain a design; Building Utilities Subject: Plumbing and Sanitation; and Architectural Design 2, a core subject.

She speaks French and loves crafting with different mediums like carpentry, knitting, sewing, etc., because, according to her,“the physical creation of things is what gets me going, both at work and during my free time.”

Her diverse portfolio has allowed her to discover what specific area she wants to specialize in, so she highly recommends exploring different fields to find one’s specialty.

“Specializations don’t just pertain to the type of building you design for (e.g all residentials, all institutional, etc.) but also a niche part of the architectural process,” she shares.

Arch. Czarina said that people should not be hindered by the idea that CAD courses are only for the artistic and creative when pursuing a career in design and architecture. She pointed this out because many graduates feel the need to have a design-oriented career before exploring other areas.

“Design will always be the balance between 3 things: utilitas, venustas, firmitas (Utility, Beauty, and Strength).”Architect Czarina

She claims that the secret to standing out and thriving in architecture is knowing where one would like to position oneself in the industry as an architect. Still, it is more complex than choosing any specialty. You would also need experience in that particular area.

She suggests listing at least 3 areas of focus you want to experience after graduating and making them a priority when looking for a job. She added that there will be trial and error and many goal projections for the next 20 years of your career.

“But once you find your niche, you will feel very comfortable in it, and those 20 years will just fly by!”Architect Czarina

She also mentions two kinds of successful architects. A “Starchitect” is renowned in the industry. Their name and work are always associated with magazines and even have style eras dedicated to them. The other one is the “rich architect,” who may or may not be famous but earns a lot from their projects. These are often architects with firms involved in huge commercial and industrial projects that go all the way to building turnover, the completion of the construction, and even the building’s operations.

Another essential piece of advice she gives is to never work alone. In her experience, advice easily comes from a senior, insights from a junior, and support from a fellow. Having a mentor willing to teach is always ideal, but even if that is not the case, having one mentor is better than having none at all.

Arch. Czarina also points out that you must learn to sell your ideas in architecture. Most architecture schools do not teach business sense, and that, for her, is what the industry lacks. The successful ones are mostly those who are good at marketing their design and sustainably earning from it. She chose Enderun primarily because of the school’s international and business approach to architecture and design.

Being an Enderun CAD student certainly has its perks. Enderun’s unique approach to design by incorporating relevant knowledge in technology, communications, and management allows students to stand out in the field of Architecture and Design as well as Multimedia Arts. It’s also a plus to learn from brilliant industry practitioners such as Architect Czarina who is well-versed in multiple disciplines.

Ultimately, architecture is not limited to being an artistic career. It also requires knowledge and skill sets from different fields. An architect can find success in different ways, whether they want to be a “Starchitect”, a “rich architect”, or something else. The key is finding your niche and learning to sell your ideas.

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