Today at the FHA – Food and Beverage 2023 Young Escoffier Talents Competition: Lance Ang-Santo and Nicole Yee Chua represent Enderun Colleges along with the rest of the Philippines

Graphics by: Keona Liuson

As Enderun students, we work to create memorable experiences that shape our future. We try to make the most of our college experience and push ourselves to be the best we can be. As Enderun students, we pride ourselves on being extraordinary and surpassing the limits of the four walls of the college.

Our very own Lance Ang-Santo and Nicole Yee Chua prove that with the right grit and desire, it is possible to exceed our expectations of ourselves. With Enderun winning the Young Escoffier Talents competition for the second time in a row (alumnus Don Patrick Baldosano, 2019 winner), Ang-Santo and Chua now have the honor and responsibility of representing the Philippines in the FHA (Food Hotel Asia) Food and Beverage Young Talents Escoffier showdown.

The Young Talents Escoffier is just one of the segments of the FHA Food and Beverage Singapore Expo this April 25-25, 2023. This expo features more than just the competition, but is also a place where food and beverage come together. At this expo, more than 40,000 attendees roam around to taste new flavors of local and international exhibitors, meet and find new networks and food and beverage products and have different panel discussions that create an overall exceptional experience.

The Disciples Escoffier International (DEI) Association is a partner of the FHA that holds the Young Escoffier Talents competition. This has two categories under it —- one, the culinary segment, and two, the service category. This year, nine countries are participating namely Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Macau S.A.R., New Caledonia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Last year, Lance Ang-Santo was awarded the Philippine representative for the Young Escoffier Talents competition. As he was being interviewed on his win, his greatest advice to future students who hoped to also compete someday was to “stay humble and keep practicing.” He says that a huge part of his win is thanks to his mentors and the guidance that the chefs of Enderun have given him.

Since the local competition last year, with Enderun’s name on their shoulders, both Ang-Santo and Chua have been consistently preparing, planning, and practicing with different mentors within and outside Enderun.

Through several mistakes, breadowns, and trials, we are proud of what they already have accomplished as individuals and as Enderun students. As we can only cheer for them from afar, let’s all wish them a bon voyage and bonne chance!

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