Enderun’s Titan’s Week 2022: The Race to the Top

By: Nicole Lorraine V. Sagovac
Photos ℅ Joy Tagle, Hart Rustia, Dale Villar, Joshua Dautil, Aika Serapio

The roar of the crowd, the smell of sweat, and the adrenaline pumping through the students’ veins are all signs that Enderun Colleges’ annual tradition — Titan’s Week — is here! This competition is not just a game but a battle, a showcase of strength, skill, and determination. The students from SHS to college will fight tooth and nail to bring home the gold, to make their school and batch proud, and to cement their place in the annals of school history. From the opening whistle to the final buzzer, this latest Titans Week promises to showcase raw talent, grit, and sportsmanship. As the teams fill the court, one thing is sure; this is not just a game but a battle for glory, honor, and pride. So grab your food and get ready for an epic showdown as the best of the best compete to be the champions!

The week-long tradition includes sports competitions (futsal, volleyball, and basketball), mini-games, and Mr. and Ms. Enderun. Titan’s Week was Jumanji themed this year! Moreover, each batch had done everything possible to survive and win the Titan Jungle. There is no better way to help relieve student stress and pressure than to organize a few pleasant inter-campus games!

The games and effort of the students were well-spent. They received awards to honor their hard work to help win medals and trophies for their batch.

Enderun’s seniors made their mark as volleyball champs. The graduating students won all of their Titan’s Week volleyball games. Lyle Laniba (BS Entrepreneurship) was chosen as the Volleyball MVP for her prowess and might in court. But just like a team of six, everyone gets to shine. The Enderun organizers recognized the excellent effort and incredible skills of other volleyball players and granted the Volleyball Mythical 6 Award to the following players: Jaycie Dalao, Nicole Zalameda, Monina Olgado, AJ Abaton, Hsin-Hsien Kuo, and Lyle Laniba.

The Juniors brought honor to their batch by becoming futsal champions. The batch was on their feet, excitedly and loudly cheering for the Junior futsal team’s victory in the finals. Nicole Sagovac, Joash Aragon, Timothy Shi, Franco Arceo, and Marco Clavano received the Futsal Mythical 5 award for their speed, goals, and sportsmanship, while Timothy Shi, a third-year BS Entrepreneurship student, was recognized for his skills earning him the title of Futsal MVP.

As Titan’s Week Basketball Champions, the Sophomores were hailed as the king of the court with speed and agility. John Jason Alvarez, a BS Entrepreneur student, was awarded Basketball MVP for carrying points for his batch. John’s outstanding defense and immaculate three-pointers earned the basketball trophy for the second-year batch of Enderun. The Basketball Mythical 5 award was granted to the athletes who also demonstrated exceptional basketball abilities and sportsmanship. These students are John Jason Alvarez, Gabriel Chua, Lee Charl Yuan So, John Gabriel Francia, and Gabriel Soriano.

Titan’s Week concluded with exciting shows highlighting Enderun’s diversity, inclusion, and talent. Each batch had its representative for Mr. and Ms. Enderun, and the candidates were challenged to prove they deserved the crown and title. This pageant is about more than beauty and brains; it also promotes awareness of one of Enderun’s pillars, sustainability, as directed by the UN’s SDGs. Ziochi Bernales (BS Entrepreneurship) and Mezy Bustamante (BS Economics) brought home the title Mr. and Ms. Enderun 2022. However, that is not all of the awards. Ms. Bustamante also received awards for Best OOTL (Outfit of the Life) and Best Formal Attire. One of the contestants, Ms. Galathea Bautista (SHS), greatly impacted the Enderun community by winning Best Advocacy for her campaign to end world hunger and achieve food security.

Lastly, as the final notes of the last song faded away, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. The judges deliberated who would be crowned the champion of Titan’s Week Battle of the Bands. The tension was palpable as the emcee took to the stage, and the crowd fell silent. And then, the moment of truth arrived. A group of students called “Cuatro” were victorious in the Battle of the Bands with their unique talent, mesmerizing stage presence, and undeniable chemistry.

Congratulations to all the winners of the first semester’s Titan’s Week! Each student and team gave it their all, pushing themselves to their limits and making the most of their abilities. A special thank you to all the students who participated in the competition, whether as competitors or supporters. Your hard work, dedication, and passion made this annual tradition memorable for everyone who attended. We take pride in the way you represent your school and community. You have shown that Titan’s Week is not just about winning but also the effort, camaraderie, and spirit.

We look forward to seeing your continued success in the future, and thank you for making this Week such a success.

The final whistle blew, the spotlight shone, and the champions crowned. Titan’s Week came to a close, but the memories and excitement will last a lifetime. The students gave it their all, leaving everything on the court, and it is clear that the true winners were not just the teams who have taken home the gold to their batch but the entire school community. Titans Week brought students, staff, and classmates together to cheer on their teams, promoting school spirit, unity, and a sense of belonging. It showcased raw talent, grit, and sportsmanship and inspired many. As the students, teachers, and school community look back on the competition, they will remember the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the camaraderie they shared on and off the field. Titan’s Week may have ended, but the legacy and memories will live forever.

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