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Enderun Food and Wine Society: Opening Doors for New Opportunities

The Enderun Food and Wine Society (EFWS) is a well-known name in Enderun. It is known not only as the co-curricular Hotel Administration organization, or that organization that hones it’s members to be industry ready, but also as one of the organizations that has been able to provide job opportunities to their members even before they graduate.

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Going Home With Gold: 2021 Tokyo Olympics

After a year of postponement, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was finally allowed to commence. While it was initially meant to be held July 29 to August 4, 2020, the recent pandemic had it postponed until this year’s July 28 until August 8. And like many other countries, the Philippines was very excited to send their team of athletes to compete in hopes of bringing home medals.


A Day in Their Shoes: Enderun Athletes Edition

Since the pandemic’s start, one of the biggest social gatherings that has been canceled are sports events. From basketball to futsal to volleyball, it has been months since our Enderun athletes have been able to step on the court and do what they love most.

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It’s an Egg-cellent Day to be Cooking

Last April 8, the IHM Special Projects Team held the first part of a new event series called The Great Food Challenge, where students can compete against one another in a set of challenges centered around a specific theme. This first installment called the Egg-tastic Challenge had two main events: The Egg White Whipping Challenge and The Egg Dish Plating Challenge.

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Let’s Get Connected: PATA Enderun Colleges Student Chapter Leaders Network with Global Peers

Last March 11, the newly revived Enderun Colleges Student Chapter was invited to the Virtual Networking for Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Chapter Leaders webinar. Hosted by Aletheia Tan, a PATA Youth Ambassador, this event was a gathering of students from different PATA Student Chapters for a chance to meet one another, establish connections, and discuss future projects.