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How We Can Learn From Hard Truths

There are truths in life that are hard to accept. These facts most often attribute to your growth and progress. In my early years, I was lost and kept searching for a place where I will feel most alive. Just like many coming-of-age stories, I did stupid things that brought me to such bad places of insecurity and anxiety. Along the way, I built myself up again and learned some of these hard truths that I think everyone should know about as early as they can.

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Something I Wish I Knew Before Part 1: Must-Have Apps for College

As we continue with the online setup, some may admit that it’s not getting any easier for us. There are times where we feel unmotivated to do anything or we just feel like resting and that’s totally fine. There are students who want to study with friends rather than being alone, there are some who use different apps to be organized, there are some who use planners to keep track of important dates and many more.

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Music as A Coping Mechanism

Music. When we hear of the word music, we immediately think of different songs, our favorite artists and even our favorite genres of music. People have been listening to music for centuries and centuries. It has also been slowly evolving just like us humans.

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What You’ve Always Needed is Self-Care

Have you heard of this rule? Did it ever cross your mind why it is called 21/90 and not 21/21? The rule claims that it takes at least 21 days for a person to repeat a hobby until it becomes a habit, and a habit that is repeated for 90 days will become part of your lifestyle. Imagine if that habit is something that would lead you to a better version of yourself, wouldn’t that be great? And it’s even more fantastic if it’s self-care.

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Make Room For Growth

Everybody makes mistakes. No matter the age or sexuality, leading the “perfect” life is something out of reach. There will always be bumps along the road, and that’s okay. It’s part of life. In a world where negative judgment has fit into the norm, especially in the media, cancel culture has become a practice to deliberately guilt-shame and bash people online for certain actions that they’ve done, whether in the past or present, that are deemed “unacceptable”.

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How To Approach Toxic Relationship

Being in a relationship is one of the beautiful things that an individual can experience. That is, until it slowly becomes toxic, and you choose to stay without realizing that it could lead to losing your self-worth.