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Mi Casa Es Su Casa with Ms. Charina “Shane” Co

As classes begin to roll in and we have been stuck with the same setting as last year, it has been relatively challenging for us to go on. There is a collective yearning to go out, meet our friends, and experience campus life. A mutual understanding settles between Enderun students; the displeasure of lack of progress mixed in with the loneliness of solitudeC


Mi Casa Es Su Casa with Ms. Ainah Dimasacat

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, it can be difficult to hold out hope for life outdoors to return any time soon. The sudden change to quarantine has forced us all to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. Some of us may have discovered new hobbies, have begun to work towards our goals in life, and have even begun to improve what we lack. It shows that despite the limitations presented to us, we still managed to work our way around it.


Mi Casa Es Su Casa with Atty. Raymund Martelino

The previous months have been challenging for all of us because of the pandemic. As such, we have stayed inside our houses for a long time since most social gatherings are canceled, travels are limited and outdoor activities are controlled. Hence, home is the safest place for all of us.