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Leaders Among Us: Part 1

There are leaders all around the world, but let us not forget the leaders in our day-to-day life. We have a set of leaders that we interviewed in order to understand their perspective. We have asked them a few questions that will paint us a picture of their world of responsibility and courage.


Leader: Defined

There are many obstacles that we will face as we walk through the thorns and thickets of this path we call “young adulthood.” In this path, a single, distinct problem will arise which may not immediately come to our senses. For everyone, regardless if they may be at the dusk or dawn of their collegiate lives, we will all b v soon find ourselves in a situation where we have to choose to be one of two people: a leader, or someone who refuses to be a leader.


Locked in Lights: Titans Capturing the World of Photography Part 1

Isn’t it fascinating to think that we now have the power to stop time? Well, this isn’t like some Professor X of X-Men fantasy, but rather, I am referring to photography. Photography is the ability to capture a specific moment locked in fragments of light. In this article, we’ll talk about our very own Titans and their captivation with photography.