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Enderun’s New Course – Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

After opening the College of Architecture and Design (CAD) to expand towards the field of art, Enderun Colleges introduced a new educational opportunity for those with a passion for creating. With its pioneer batch beginning this August 2022, Enderun proudly launches its latest course: Bachelor of Multimedia Arts. Touching on the world of diversified art, the school wants to create a space where students may create content to jumpstart their future.

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What Makes a House Uniquely Filipino: I Design Filipino and Nothing Else

Have you ever visited Amanpulo, the luxury beach resort in Palawan with its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and their breathtaking casitas with a wonderful view of the sea? Or have you heard of the 30th SEA games cauldron, the infamous 55 million pesos cauldron that was lit during the ceremony and was considered to be a “priceless piece of art”? I’m pretty sure you know about EDSA Shrine, a church located at the intersection of Ortigas Avenue and EDSA Avenue to commemorate the People Power Revolution. Do you know what these three have in common? They were all designed by Mañosa and Company, Inc.

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Enderun’s Mental Health and Wellness Week

With the rise of social media, extra school activities, and sudden changes in nearing adulthood, it is easy to feel misunderstood and unorganized. We tend to feel rushed to fulfill goals and keep up with our peers, even if it means we need to sacrifice our welfare. But as the beloved English writer Virginia Woolf states, “No need to hurry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anybody but oneself.

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Titans Week: The Comeback and Endgame

From the words of Dean Ed, though we are a young school, we can create our own tradition. Which we now know and experience as Titans Week. Spoken by one of the most known heroes, Iron man. “Every journey must come to an end.” True enough, here we are at the end of the Titan Week journey. But the high does not stop at this point. Truly an occurrence as significant as this is something one wouldn’t want to forget. For those in dire need to take in and remember every moment they experienced last week, we’ve got you covered, and we’re glad you’re here to look back and bear this event in your minds forever with us.

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RSO Fair Week: The Act of Giving and Learning

One of the most highly anticipated events of Enderun is back! Last September 27 to October 1, 2021 we had our RSO Fair Week where different organizations prepared events for our students. For this year’s RSO Week, the students were given the opportunity to learn and give back to our community with two particular events, hosted by Enderun Zonta and Culinaire.

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Titans, Assemble! What To Anticipate for E-Titans Week’s Comeback

Time to channel your warrior spirit once again, Titans! Because we’re back and ready with one of the biggest events our Enderun community highly anticipates, E-Titans Week. Following last year’s sweet taste of greatness, you might wonder if it’s possible to top such an occurrence. Well, come see for yourself from October 18, 2021 to October 22, 2021. The next round is now here and prepared to give more than you could hope for! Are you ready?

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Going Home With Gold: 2021 Tokyo Olympics

After a year of postponement, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was finally allowed to commence. While it was initially meant to be held July 29 to August 4, 2020, the recent pandemic had it postponed until this year’s July 28 until August 8. And like many other countries, the Philippines was very excited to send their team of athletes to compete in hopes of bringing home medals.

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Titan’s Vote Webinar Series

As the next presidential election approaches, the Enderun Leadership Program and Titan’s Vote Team in partnership with Vote Pilipinas and Enderun League of Economic Development hosted a three-day event last May 6, 20, and 27 to encourage the youth to use their voices and exercise their right to vote. Presenting all information needed to get started on voting with the help of guest speakers and Q&A sessions, the webinar series has empowered many students to take a stand and register to vote for the future of our country.

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More, More, More! This Year’s Titans Week has More to Offer

After the success of the first-ever E-Titans Week held last semester, the Office of Student Life, the Enderun Student Government, the Registered Student Organizations (RSO), the Social Orientation & Community Development (SOCD), and the SHS Execom took part in organizing the second virtual Titans Week. E-Titans Week 2: Games of Summer happened last 11-14 May 2021. This virtual esports competition was open not just for students but also for alumni, staff, and faculty.