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Enderun’s Solution Is Less Pollution

The environment includes all of the world’s lovely things: colors, flora, and fauna. It is the yellow flowers that remind you of your mother’s warm touch or when you squint your eyes searching for the sun. It is the rare blue butterfly that reminds you of the sensation of your body being submerged by the dark blue ocean or the cold flash of a snowflake melting on your tongue.

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Acad is Life But Org is Lifer: Learning Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

As a young student, our parents always reminded us to study hard so we can have a decent job to support ourselves in the future. It is always, “focus on your studies”, “don’t go out too much”, “finish your homework first”, or “study first before relationships”. Excelling in our academics is expected and prioritized among others.

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3 Beautiful Philippine Landscapes to Inspire Your Style This Summer Break

There is an abundance of culture to be discovered from nature. Today, nearly everything around us is inspired by designs found in nature, and the clothing industry is no exception. Despite the pandemic’s function as an accelerant being visible and felt throughout the whole fashion scene, still, fashion endures, and it continues to see nature as a rich source of inspiration.

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Making the Most Out of Summer: Titans Edition

More often than not, we find ourselves having trouble figuring out how to spend our summer break, especially when we’re cooped up at home. In order to beat that summer slump we provided a few ideas for you to keep yourself busy this break.

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Pigments of Inclusivity: Reasons Why We Celebrate Pride Month

We know it’s June when corporations start plastering rainbows on their products: some to show solidarity and support with the LGBTQIA+ movement, and some to capitalize on it. But why do we really celebrate Pride? Why are streets filled with rainbow flags particularly during the month of June? These are some of the questions we will be answering as we unfold the origin and purpose of Pride month.

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Go-To Filipino Treats to Enjoy this Summer

Summer is upon us: blazing heat, humid air, and the roasting breeze from the fan. One might cool down with their air-conditioning on 24/7, or (if you’re like me) simply succumb to the heat exhaustion and embrace dormancy. Everyday under this heat, we are all looking for ways to chill out.

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Enderun Through The Years

The month of May gives us the opportunity to reminisce on the journey of our beloved campus. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, a lot of new students haven’t had the opportunity to see how amazing and breathtaking our campus is. But don’t worry as we celebrate Enderun Founder’s Day, allow us to take you on a trip of how Enderun has changed through the years

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How Businesses are Adapting to the New Normal

There have been countless threats that posed challenges to our society and our economy, either be it small in scale or large scale. However, even with these obstacles, we humans have proved to be resilient. The SARS-COV-2 also known as coronavirus or simply as COVID-19 took the world by storm. The virus quickly spread worldwide and caused socio-economic implications that affected numerous industries in the world.

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Insightful and Heartwarming: The Hush Society Presents Book Review

When I got assigned to do a book review for The Hush Society Presents, I was shocked and intimidated to say the least. I had no idea what this book was about and it is not something that I usually read. I wasn’t able to read the summary before reading the first chapter. I started without having any idea, impressions, or expectations.