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Leaders Igniting Sparks

Do you believe that leadership qualities are innate or acquired? Most people would debate about this topic but here in Enderun Colleges we believe that every Titan is capable of being a leader. Leadership is not about following a professor’s orders, setting rules in the classroom, or even having a position that makes you superior to others. Instead, leadership is about inspiring people, setting an example, creating a vision and motivating people to make it a reality. It’s about focusing on positive outcomes. Lucky you because you are in the right environment to hone your leadership skills and one way to improve it is to join leadership programs.

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Evolution of Leadership

From the likes of Heneral Luna and the late Queen Elizabeth II (may her majesty rest in peace) to your local Jollibee manager, our perception of leadership has evolved over time. In layman’s terms, or at least what was commonly defined then, leadership is basically “the ability to lead,” and a leader would mean “someone in power.” Now that we’re living in a revolutionized generation, the concept of leadership has expanded. We have acquired both liberty and independence and we develop our own style of leadership that resonates with our personality. But perhaps the real question is, “What does it mean to be a leader?”

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How to Not Burnout

Graphics by Patricia Zotomayor When motivated to succeed in our careers, we give our 100% to work. But the concern here is what if that’s the only aspect in our life we give our...

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How to Make An Eye-Catching Resume

Do you need help in making a resume? Or are you unsure of what a resume is? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this article is for you. A resume is a document filled with your academic history and information. This is what employers will ask from you as you apply for a job or internship.

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Shows To Watch During Summer

Summer is finally here and I am looking forward to catching up on watching different show series that are on my “series to watch during the summer” list. As a series lover, I can honestly say how happy I am to see more seasons being released this year since we’re now coming out of the pandemic and going back to our new normal lives. Here are five series that I highly recommend to watch over the summer break:

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Political Parties in the Philippines

As the upcoming 2022 election nears each passing day, the main question on every Filipino mind is, “Who am I voting for?” It’s a query some have yet to answer as the OctaResearch April Survey shows that about 1% of the population is still undecided. So, if you’re looking for a quick summary of what each political party stands for, their core establishments, and above all, their main goals, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be discussing political parties in the Philippines and which presidential candidates, senators, and other politicians fall under them in order to gather a clearer view of the leaders who can create the change you yearn to see in the nation.

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What are the Economic Issues that Matter to Young Voters?

A survey was circulated among Enderun students that asked them to rank certain economic issues we Filipinos face in today’s world. The following struggles are poverty, climate change, COVID-19, gender inequality (LGBTQ+), feminism, social media feuds, governmental flaws, inflation, and employment/unemployment. All these problems must be brought to the spotlight regardless of their rank. Nonetheless, knowing what the youth aims to prioritize can lend us a deeper insight into the needs the generation aches for today. Respondents were tasked with ranking these issues according to their personal opinions of importance and urgency. Through this exercise, the collective priorities of the Enderun student body become clear.

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Sun Kissed (Summer Playlist)

We are now at that point of planning our future summer trips, our summer activities and even deciding on whether to do a summer semester. Summer won’t be perfect without some music hits that will help us have fun during the next few months of summer. Here are 7 songs that I picked out that are perfect for your summer playlists.

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POV’s of the Enderun Community regarding Elections

The elections are coming up, and it has become overwhelming for people to keep up. Political debates, candidate infographics, campaign rallies, social media discourses and the like, it becomes part of our daily knowledge consumption. With this, hat does a Titan think about all these events with this vast political atmosphere? A random survey with an arbitrary sample size of 22 participants was conducted to get the perspective of the Titan community regarding elections. This article will talk about the point-of-view from a few members of the Enderun Community about voting and their general insight about politics.

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Have you participated in an election? If so, who did you vote for? What pivotal moment turned the mental cogs in your mind to decide, “This person is the best candidate”? Have you ever sat down and questioned why other people agree or disagree with your choice? Given the looming presence of the upcoming elections, it’s possible that some of us have wondered why we (and other people) choose the candidates we support.