Student Feature: Philipp Wolf

“Every batch has its own personality… but no matter what batch you’re from, each one should have a sense of camaraderie”


An International Hospitality Management major, Philipp Wolf (known in Enderun by his surname, and recently called the Wolf of Wall Street by some of his friends) is finishing off his degree specializing in both Hotel Administration and in Culinary Arts. Having just an internship left in the way of graduation, Wolf describes his Enderun experience as an interesting one. “I entered Enderun in 2008 when they had just opened [the McKinley] campus… I have watched the entire school develop into what it has become today.”

Multitalented, Wolf was the former captain of Enderun’s futsal team and still continues to play with the team. “I started playing football since I was young, it was always part of my extracurricular activities no matter where I was.” Wolf was also in the line-up of Enderun’s original Futsal team, which started off as a group of students who were a part of a student organization called J.A.C (Janissaries Athletic Club) “We would look for venues to play our sports, then one day we just decided to set up a Futsal varsity.”

Being a part of the starting batch, Wolf notices the differences among students in each batch and the different personalities; but that does not stop him from interacting with anyone. “I think the batch differences aren’t really important, what matters is that you’re all able to get along. ” – He compares this statement to being part of a Futsal team wherein, “There is no barrier when it comes to batch. It is very important to have a sense of belonging to knowing were you are at.”

Having just one internship standing in the way of graduation, Wolf is leaving for Las Vegas in a few days to intern at Mario Batali’s newly-opened restaurant at the Venetian. He explains that through his years at Enderun, one of the most important things he has learned is networking. “You have to create your contacts and keep good relationships with them, because you’ll never know when you’ll need them.”  He leaves with a final note, “Be proud to be an Enderun student.”




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Sabrina Daez

Sabrina Daez

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