Polaris, Brightest Star and Polar North: Our Top Enderun Students

Enderun Colleges President Edgardo Rodriguez together with the Enderun Dean’s Listers

Enderun Colleges President Edgardo Rodriguez together with the Enderun Dean’s Listers

By: Petrina Asencio

Polaris was a most appropriate symbol for the Night of the Dean’s Listers.  For these are the top performers in Enderun Colleges, earning an overall grade of 1.5 or better.   The special computer program of the Registrar counted 190 Dean’s Listers last semester, many of them repeat Listers— a record for a student population under 1000.

The new Student Government successfully organized Polaris on March 5th in the Atrium to celebrate and recognize the academic performances of Enderun students.

Enderun Colleges Senior Vice President Daniel Perez opened the ceremonies with inspiring words of encouragement, “Each step you achieve will determine the brightness of your future.” The night of Polaris celebrates all the 190 students who have successfully made it to the Dean’s List, fueled by their own determination, tenacity and hard work.

This was the first time Enderun awarded plaques to the top 5 students of every batch as well as special certificates to repeat Dean’s Listers. Among the exceptional students who graced the top spots are Regina Amancio, Top 1 for Batch 2017 of the College of Hospitality Management; and Enrique Acredo and Francine Geli both scoring the top spot for batch 2015 of the College of Business Management.

Polaris offered delightful, flavorsome food fresh from our very own Restaurant 101 together with exquisite choices of red and white wines. This encouraged renewed bonding of faculty and students of all batches.

Freshman Entrepreneurship student Kiara Gamboa exclaims, “We are thankful that our Enderun mentors constantly appreciate what we do and motivate us to keep on pushing and striving.”


Some of the Enderun Dean's Listers during the awarding ceremony

Some of the Enderun Dean’s Listers during the awarding ceremony




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