Titans On Their Journey To Augmentation

Enderun has always been known for supporting their students with their passions. One example of this is allowing them to create organizations. In registered student organizations (RSOs), students are given the chance to have fun and gain experiences at the same time. One of Enderun’s newest student organizations is “Titan Esports” which was founded in October 2019. This organization was created for students to share their passion for gaming. It aims to build a friendly, welcoming, and competitive environment for everyone. Aside from competitions within the school, they also encourage members to compete outside the campus and promote themselves as well as the entire school community. The organization is led by President Mark Malig and Vice President Paul Valencia, both Junior Students, and is under the supervision of its co-moderator Miss Ana Estagle.

As a fresh organization, the group will be putting together a gaming room on the 2nd Floor of Titan’s Hall once face-to-face classes resume. They started with 40 members and are looking for additional members–both male and female–to join them. In addition to that, the club is forming a varsity team where they will be granting scholarships up to 100% to deserving and talented members.

The club’s President mentioned that interested individuals do not have to be skillful gamers when joining; as long as they show passion, dedication to improve and hone their skills to represent the team for tournaments, they will be considered. Not only is this organization a great opportunity for students who have a passion for gaming, but it also allows people to view gaming in a more positive light. Those interested in joining have to email titan.esports@enderuncolleges.com to get access to the sign-up form or message their official Facebook page, Titan Esports.

Since it is a newly developed club, membership is free for now. However, during an interview with the organization’s Vice President, Mr. Valencia, he mentioned that they would charge a membership fee eventually.

Titan Esports recently contributed to this year’s E-Titan’s Week as one of the event organizers and hosted the main events which were online video games like Valorant, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Mobile Legends.

Titan Esports has proven that even if almost every event we do is online, we can still have fun on top of our academics. Students should not forget to enjoy themselves while studying. If you have an interest in gaming, consider joining the organization and let your gaming skills be honed. But remember to balance school and gaming.

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