Congratulations to Class of 2020!

In the words of the school’s beloved president, Mr. Edgardo P. Rodriguez PhD, December 18, 2020 marks another momentous occasion for the students of batch 2019 – 2020 as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. To do this, he shares that they must first, become different, and second, make college count. Despite the unprecedented predicament the country faced and is currently facing, Enderun Colleges hosted its third graduation ceremony for the recently inaugurated Senior High School program to commemorate the perseverance, grit, and achievements of the 47 students of Class 2020. Albeit, through a screen.

The ceremony was held via Zoom and was aired on the official Enderun Facebook page for others to see. It was a fruitful program, filled with heartening speeches from alumni and students alike, and the upliftment from the Enderun faculty who shared their sincere sentiments. Amongst the many notable students acknowledged in the program were the Academic Awardees, students who excelled and went beyond expectations in their curricular subjects. The students awarded the distinction include Angel Isabella Base, Sabina Juliana Henson, Dongbin Lee, Monique Elizabeth Osmena, Ashley Nicole Perez, Ryan Phillippe Voluntad, and Jina Yu. At the beginning of the ceremony, Lara Angela Oana was conferred with the leadership award, the title belonging to the student who embodies true leadership in accordance with the “Enderun way” and has displayed his or her initiative by bearing a hand to the community both within and beyond the campus. She shares in her speech the trials and tribulations she confronted in her journey to encapsulating what she believes is a true servant leader and how she overcame these. Candidates for the same award were given to Ashley Nicole Perez and Monique Elizabeth Osmena for their remarkable contributions in their respective organizations, Adparo Rego Iuvu (ARI) and Student Government.

In the farewell oration of the ceremony, Class of 2020 Valedictorian, Angel Isabella Base, instilled in her address the different values she garnered throughout her years in Senior High School such as benevolence, based on her initiative in establishing Artemis, an organization dedicated to the welfare of animals, and self-direction, a timely-reminder that we must become the best version of one’s self and not beat the best. In addition, she expressed her neverending gratitude towards her family, teachers, batchmates, and everyone who helped her along the way. Angel ends her speech by sharing that, “The moment you start enjoying the things you do is the moment you start forming the best version of yourself,” and congratulates her batchmates for the hard work they have rendered in their last two years of high school.

Although they have officially graduated from Enderun and are off to reach greater heights, their stories do not end there. As Senior High School Principal, Miss Cherry Tan said, these bright and promising students will always have a home to come back to in Enderun. Surely, these students have a propitious future ahead of them and will continue to ignite the fire burning within them. Once again, Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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