We’d like to know which of these 5 looks is your Quarantine Fashion look?

Graphics by Joshua Dautil

Your style defines you. In this new normal, how do you style yourself in the dimensions of your gadgets? Ever since the pandemic started, the course of life has totally changed and our education is not an exemption; students went from having face to face classes to online classrooms. Before, we would admire how stylish and creative our schoolmates were with their outfits while owning the hallways as their runways. Still, recently, we have just been seeing their busts up to their heads in different online “classrooms”. More so, it doesn’t stop us from serving looks and glamors in this new setup.

Creativity hasn’t diminished because we’re meeting on screens now. The New Normal Fashion style or Quarantine Style was introduced through experiences with online learning. Few considerations were meant depending on the meeting’s host and, of course, dress codes for some certain groups.

While there have been dress codes for certain groups, for online meetings for student organisations, study groups, or even friend catch-ups, we’ve compiled a list of 5 common styles.

“The Great Pretender”

(Underwear bottoms and Formal Tops)
The infamous, “Trust me, I’m formal today” is the trend with formal meetings. This is a combination of long sleeves polo or any collared shirt layered with a coat with comfy bottom wear, may it be boxers or cyclings.

Straight from Bed

Confident enough for those who can say they “woke-up-like-this” during online calls. Sandos? Big shirts? No problem. Comfortability is prioritized in this quarantine style as long as it is still decent and presentable. All types of your pambahay definitely fall in this category.

All-day, Gym day

In this pandemic, a healthy lifestyle is a must. We are trying to balance our academic workload with wholesome routines such as exercises and workout plans that help us stay fit. Frequently, this style happens pre-fitness activity. It is when you are ready for your planned activities but are still stuck in a virtual meeting. Sports gears and activewear champion this style.


Who wouldn’t love to head straight to bed after tiring meetings? This style is essential for sleepy people. This style consists mainly of terno pajamas or onesie pajamas. The point, aside from comfort, is efficiency: so you can rest after.

Packed Potato

You remember that one call participant who’s in a hoodie or have blankets wrapped around them? I personally call them packed potatoes–this is meant in a good way. They are the ones who are comfortable and warm in every call. The best combination that goes with this typical get-up is the pillow hidden from the camera.

These are the fashion styles that have emerged as we enter the new phase in the educational system during e-meetings. The e-meeting quarantine styles are not limited to these looks, since more trends may develop and styles evolve What is more important is how we value what we get from the online meetings we attend. It is a privilege, and can be hard but let’s make most out of our e-meetings and online classes. Let’s continue to move forward with style.