Sun Kissed (Summer Playlist)

Graphics by Laya S.

We are now at that point of planning our future summer trips, our summer activities and even deciding on whether to do a summer semester. Summer won’t be perfect without some music hits that will help us have fun during the next few months of summer. Here are 7 songs that I picked out that are perfect for your summer playlists.

  1. Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato

    Starting off my summer playlist with a song that is currently trending on Tiktok, it is Demi Lovato’s famous song “Cool For The Summer”. “Take me down into your paradise, don’t be scared, cause I’m your body type, just something that we wanna try, ‘cause you and I, we’re cool for the summer”, is a line that captures how much fun people have during the season. The beat of the song makes you feel good and it makes you sing and dance. This truly reminds me of sipping a margarita or piña colada by the beach and watching the waves crash into the surface.

  2. Every Summertime by Niki

    Sharing with you all one of my favorite songs of Niki, this song has been used in many Tiktok videos and Instagram reels. “Every day is summertime with you”, is one of my favorite lines because it reminds me of memories the singer made with friends or her summer fling. She also mentions how everyday is summer for her whenever she’s with that person. I’m sure you will never get tired of listening to this song, you’ll be missing out if you don’t put this on your playlists.

  3. Fantasy by Alina Baraz & Galimatias

    Alina Baraz has always been in my playlist ever since I listened to her song “Fantasy”. It gave me that beach vibe and I’ve been loving it ever since. I chose this song simply because of this line, “Underneath the palm trees, you could leave your worries, listen to the waves”. This talks about how you can all leave your worries behind and just focus on the moment you’re in right now. Listening to the waves underneath the palm trees is a form of therapy. We all go to the beach to escape reality and that is what the message of the song is telling me.

  4. Make You Mine by Public

    The fourth song I’m including in this playlist gives me that summer love feels – the type of song you hear when you watch a summer-themed movie when the guy is running after the girl that is leaving for the city since summer break is over. The line that makes me feel butterflies is “Put your hand in mine, you know I want to be with you all the time, you know I won’t stop until I make you mine”, this signifies that the guy is fighting for the girl because he doesn’t wanna lose her and he wants her to be a part of his life. Talk about romance in the summer, if you’re going back to your province and you have a crush on someone there, feel free to blast this song or just simply send him or her this song so he or she knows how you feel.

  5. Down For You by Cosmo’s Midnight & Ruel

    “You know that I hate this place, but if you wanna stay, I do too, we’ll turn the night to day, yeah I’m down either way, cause I’m so down for you”, this line reminds me of those who stay for people in a place they don’t like because of how much they care about them. I included this song in the summer playlist because of the song’s beat and lyrics. This song reminds me of people attending a summer party that is still happening at 2 am with people dancing, booze flowing and just them making new memories.

  6. Palm Trees by Surfaces

    Whenever I hear of this song, summer in California is what I remember. Palm trees everywhere, the sun glistening down driving to Santa Monica Pier while the music is blasting. “All the faces that I’ve never known, looking for a place that they can call their own, I don’t need much to call it home, I’m doing just fine, if they need me, I’ll be underneath the palm trees”, is my favorite line from this song because it talks about a person seeing different people who moved to California and is searching for an apartment he or she can call his or her own, but the person doesn’t need much because maybe the person was born and raised in California hence why the person’s chilling underneath the palm trees. That person isn’t worried about anything because it’s the summertime, and you can do whatever you want to do. The beat of this song is one of the reasons why this is perfect for your summer playlist.

  7. Paradise by Bazzi

    For my last and final song, I chose Paradise by Bazzi. A line that captured my attention is “this energy turns night into memories, count up the bands, you’ve been working all summer”, this line reminds me of people having summer jobs to earn enough income so that they can move to their own apartments. The beat itself is very catchy and it makes you dance to the song.

These songs will definitely make you ready for summer. Feel free to check out my playlist for more song recommendations (Summer spotify playlist). I know that we are looking forward to our summer vacations especially since the alert level has changed. Don’t forget to follow safety protocols since we’re still recovering from a pandemic. What are your favorite summer songs?

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