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Checklist on Becoming Leaders of Tomorrow: Interview Etiquette

When it comes to first-time internships, confusion is an emotion numerous applicants undergo. 5 AM frantic scrollings through Facebook pages looking for open slots, afternoon lunch breaks watching video advice on what to do during training, and calling possible connections to make the unending process a little more bearable. With various opinions on internships and the “right way” to ensure its success, it is easy for us to get lost in translation. But today, whether you’re planning an internship within the medical field, or are looking into joining advertising agencies, or found a spark of curiosity for hotel management, INK Enderun has got you covered. In this series of becoming leaders of tomorrow, let us dissect the different fields of internships, what to do and how to make the dream come true through proper internship etiquette.

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Personalan: Recap on the Stories of Martial Law Survivors

In the early morning of September 21, flocks of Enderun students seated themselves within various corners of the Titans’ Annex Building. Others remained comfortably settled on class chairs, while groups of friends huddled closely together. For those who weren’t at the Annex- you could find them scattered in classrooms and open grounds. Despite the different locations, positions, and ideals, that morning of September showed one clear agenda that all of Enderun Colleges agreed upon- the Commemoration of the 50th Martial Law Anniversary.

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Political Parties in the Philippines

As the upcoming 2022 election nears each passing day, the main question on every Filipino mind is, “Who am I voting for?” It’s a query some have yet to answer as the OctaResearch April Survey shows that about 1% of the population is still undecided. So, if you’re looking for a quick summary of what each political party stands for, their core establishments, and above all, their main goals, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be discussing political parties in the Philippines and which presidential candidates, senators, and other politicians fall under them in order to gather a clearer view of the leaders who can create the change you yearn to see in the nation.

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Enderun’s Mental Health and Wellness Week

With the rise of social media, extra school activities, and sudden changes in nearing adulthood, it is easy to feel misunderstood and unorganized. We tend to feel rushed to fulfill goals and keep up with our peers, even if it means we need to sacrifice our welfare. But as the beloved English writer Virginia Woolf states, “No need to hurry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anybody but oneself.

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Christmas Gifts on a Budget

You said that right! As the season of giving inches closer every day, most Filipinos are frantically preparing items, gifts, and surprises they can provide their loved ones this Christmas. Before you go hysterical and pre-order random, hit-or-miss gifts that are beyond your budget, read this article that is sure to save the day with a few personal gift ideas that are sure to have your favorite people in tears (happy tears, of course!) and still keep your pockets full. So, blast that Mariah Carey song and prepare your shopping carts as we embark on this worry-free, thoughtful yet uncomplicated gift list!

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Something I Wish I Knew Before Series Part 3: Living the Enderun Life

In this edition of the “Something I Wish I Knew Before” series, we dive deeper into the personal lives of each generation of Titan students. We learn the dos and don’ts from the experiences of Reese Labay, Ervin Abcede, and Rainna Encabo as they share the lessons, development, and encounters they went through in the home of the Titans.

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Mi Casa Es Su Casa with Ms. Charina “Shane” Co

As classes begin to roll in and we have been stuck with the same setting as last year, it has been relatively challenging for us to go on. There is a collective yearning to go out, meet our friends, and experience campus life. A mutual understanding settles between Enderun students; the displeasure of lack of progress mixed in with the loneliness of solitudeC