Enderun’s Mental Health and Wellness Week

Graphics by Laya S.

With the rise of social media, extra school activities, and sudden changes in nearing adulthood, it is easy to feel misunderstood and unorganized. We tend to feel rushed to fulfill goals and keep up with our peers, even if it means we need to sacrifice our welfare. But as the beloved English writer Virginia Woolf states, “No need to hurry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anybody but oneself.” With that said, Enderun Colleges prioritizes this mindset and ensures that their message of “you are worthy just as you are” comes across with the power of media and meaningful discussions.

Enderun’s Mental Health and Wellness Week was conducted last 2021 from November 24 to 26, with various speakers sharing personal experiences, pieces of advice, and morals to guide students. With the help of Ms. Maricel Gacutan, Nurse of the College, let us review the many programs conducted that remind students about what truly matters most– their well-being.

Ms. Maricel explained the essence of the first event held, which is the Role of Vitamins in Strengthening the Immune System and the Skin. It aimed to encourage the community to live a healthy life despite the challenges encountered during the pandemic. It also shared information about the root causes of skin problems like acne and breakouts. Beyond all, it enlightened students about supplying our bodies with proper supplements and vitamins.

In partnership with Dra. Tricia Manlongat-Malahito, a dermatologist and Medical Director of Skin + Nutrition Clinic, students were allowed to learn more about proper and safe ways to improve their skin and health. Ms. Maricel brought up that most Titans who attended the talk were content with the suggestions of skincare, food supplements, and medicine Dra. Tricia gave. Having said that, the first event’s goal is beyond physical appearance; its focus is to prompt students into eating nutritiously and having adequate rest. As they say, “eat good, feel good,” and that’s precisely the main advice of Dra. Tricia gave to reach your desired complexion.

The next talk had more substance than you would think. It was about Drug Awareness. Dr. Jeremiah Simeon A. Trinidad III conducted the talk, educating the audience about why people abuse their intake of drugs, why & how they act self-destructively, and how it gravely affects their mentality. Additionally, Dr. Trinidad allowed the audience to feel more comfortable with this topic by discussing how people can heal from their addictions and help others bounce back to reality without the need for substances.

Addiction is a complex cycle to overcome, especially when done alone. However, in this talk, the community was encouraged to be brave enough and support people, maybe even themselves, to push themselves and get rid of the struggle. It is a must to remind these people that even a little exposure to a drug can trigger the cycle again and maybe be a harder one to get out of. This is why these topics must be discussed so that no one can go through traumatic experiences alone. As Ms. Maricel puts it, “it reminds people that it is not too late to change and have a fresh start again. Life can be fully enjoyed without the consumption of drugs, and it is never the answer to our problems in life.” Even if you may not know anyone addicted today, being aware and educated about this topic is essential because many people suffer from it. It is only within a matter of time that you will come across someone who needs your help.

For Dr. Trinidad to share his knowledge about such sensitive topics with compassion and transparency will assure that the people who learned from him will take action when needed to. It also increased awareness to the students who listened because illegal drugs are highly exposed to people their age.

The next talk was about HIV/AIDS Awareness. The main goal was to remove the stigma around the topic, help those who have gotten it/them, and understand what it is and how it affects your body. With Dr. Arfilson Omar Tansio, a Registered Medical Technologist, Health and Wellness Speaker for Intellicare & Maxicare as the main speaker, he emphasized that sympathy is vital to portray when talking about such sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, he put into perspective how unnecessary and harmful it is to discriminate against people who have experienced the disease/s. Take note of the quote, “pansamantalang kaligayahan, panghabang buhay na kalungkutan.” Temporary happiness can cost you lifelong hurt, which is why you have to be careful in every choice you make– whether it is a fun choice or a usual one, like if you will be eating healthily or not today.

The audience participated well during the Q & A segment. Open communication was evident, and great advice was given. They were encouraged enough to express their concerns as well as satisfy their curiosity which ensured that there was no misinformation spread.

For the last talk, Enderun welcomed Mr. Juan Lorenzo Armovit, a transformational life coach, with his discussion highlighting Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Often, others may overlook the assistance of spiritual aspects in improving their well-being. Thus, Ms. Maricel expressed that having conversations about yoga, meditation, and interconnectedness with oneself can remind the students to pursue them, allowing them to nurture their mental health.

The talk itself was also invigorating for students who attended– Ms. Maricel remarked. She also explained that an event like this was memorable, as it gave the guests the opportunity to discuss goals, laugh with the host, and just have a good time. She stated, “Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to the small details of the tasks that we do. But when we start to notice these small things, they are not actually small. By being mindful of these little things, it gives us the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and in a bigger picture. It gives us the opportunity to be grateful even in the smallest moments of our lives.

Despite all the different subjects presented during the event, Enderun’s Mental Health and Wellness Week painted a clear picture for those who attended. It emphasized how all fragments of a person’s mentality, spirituality, emotionality, physicality, matter so much. It is to nudge every individual, even yourself, that no matter how big or how small the issue may seem, it is crucial to conquer them at your own pace and own capabilities. And if not, there is no shame in asking for a lending hand. As Ms. Maricel puts it, “Each talk gave me realizations in life. It reminded me to reflect on good and bad events that happened to me. I loved the event, and I am thankful to the speakers for reminding me that happiness is a choice that we can always choose to make.”

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