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Enderun Unmuted: Women’s Month Series Pt. 2 Podcast

As we tackle this Women Empowerment Series, this week’s episode talks about the impossible story of one of our empowering guests, who is also one of Enderun SHS’s best professors, Ms. Ainah Dimasacat. She shared her incredible journey in becoming the teacher she is today along with a handful of life lessons and advice. Even if she faced many hardships and difficult situations, that did not stop her from achieving her goals and who she strived to be.

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Enderun Unmuted: Women’s Month Series Pt. 1 Podcast

In this week’s episode, we talk about leadership and empowerment together with our guests, the Presidents of Senior High School’s student organizations and Executive Committee: Alyssa Diaz, Ivy Escario, and Beatrice Yap! They all share their experiences, their journey to becoming a student leader, along with a few life lessons and advice to all the future leaders out there.