A Titan Summer

Hey there, Titans!

As we emerge from another academic semester, the mini summer issue of INK Enderun continues to enlighten the Enderun community with content that allows everyone to feel connected, even when we cannot all be together.

Featured in the pages of this summer issue are the activities you can do to have fun, whether it’s eating your favorite Filipino summer treats, celebrating Pride month, or exploring the different landscapes of the Philippines through a creative lens—you surely won’t feel that summer slump with all the new releases we have in store for you.

To top it all off, we have another feature dedicated to the artistic students of Enderun along with a review on the acclaimed Netflix series, Trese. How’s that for a Summer well spent?

Surf’s up, Titans!

Angeli Sato

Go-To Filipino Treats to Enjoy this Summer!

Wanna find out what the go-to Filipino snacks are during this summer season?
The end of the semester marks that summer is surely now upon us. And with the Philippine heat all year round, we thought of different ways to cool ourselves down. Some turn on their air conditioner or have a cold shower. But in this article, we share our favorite local summer treats, such as Halo-Halo, Guinomis, and more that you can enjoy this summer!

A Whole New World of TikTok

Chances are you probably already have TikTok or have at least seen a few videos from this popular app.
As the number one downloaded application for all Southeast Asian countries, with the Philippines ranking 11th, TikTok has embedded itself into society, especially among the youth. But do you truly know and understand the effects of this app- both negative and positive?

Tabi Tabi Po! : A Review on the Filipino Komik Series, Trese.

Trese, a Filipino supernatural comic series created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo in 2005, has been recently adapted into an animated TV series on Netflix, showcasing the Philippines’ rich culture and folklore on an international platform.

There’s No Such Thing as “Too Cool” this Summer Break

While it is already the rainy season in the Philippines, inevitably, we’ll still get those scorching days. It is so important to learn how to take care of ourselves during these excruciatingly hot days not only because the feeling is uncomfortable but because there are many risks with this temperature rise. In this article, INK offers a few tips and ways to beat the heat.

Pigments of Inclusivity: Reasons Why We Celebrate Pride Month

We know it’s June when corporations start plastering rainbows on their products: some to show solidarity and support with the LGBTQIA+ movement, and some to capitalize on it.
But do you really know why we celebrate Pride month? And what are some of the ways we can show our support to the LGBTQIA+ community?

Making the Most out of Summer: Titan’s Edition

More often than not, we find ourselves having trouble figuring out how to spend our summer break, especially when we’re cooped up at home. INK has provided a few ideas for you to keep yourself busy this break to beat that summer slump.
Whether you choose to be productive or just chillax this summer, remember to do your best to make your Titan summer worthwhile!

INK Alumni Feature: Opportunities Abroad with An Enderun Alumni

Enderun alumnus, Jappy Afzelius, serves as an inspiration to current students to take advantage of international opportunities that will enable them to achieve their ambitions.
Jappy maximized his time at Enderun, which effectively increased his theoretical knowledge and improved his practical skills in the culinary industry, which allowed him to get the chance to work at Alain Ducasse’s restaurants in Paris and New York. Currently, Jappy is the Executive Chef at Tsismis NYC and owns a culinary consulting agency called Republika Kulinarya.

3 Beautiful Philippine Landscapes to Inspire Your Style this Summer Break

Don’t know what to wear? Having trouble picking out an outfit? INK has got you covered!
This article gives you some outfit ideas and recommendations inspired by some of the Philippines’ most famous and beautiful landscapes, including El Nido, Palawan, Chocolate Hills from Bohol, and Mt. Pulag, the highest mountain in Luzon.

Bearer of Traditional Art: Enderun’s Traditional Visual Artists

Despite the current technological age that has made digital art mainstream, among our very own Titans lie a few traditional visual artists who continue to pursue their passion and improve their craft.
In this article, students Ron Ibañez, Frances Soriano, and Dorothy Joy Tagle share their journeys and experience as traditional artists.

Stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this issue as we release them weekly at ink.enderuncolleges.com!

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