Hotelier’s Industry

Hotelier's Industry

Photo by Tiffany Santos

With the ever-expanding student population, Mark Limon chats with Ruth von Siebenthal Hung, head of the Hotel Administration department, as she shares how internships are in the hotel industry.

One of the advantages that Enderun has over all the schools here in the Philippines is its industry partners and the internship opportunities they provide their students. Over the course of 6 years, Enderun has garnered over 150 industry partners, and has sent hundreds of students across 5 continents. This year, Enderun will be sending its second batch of interns to France and several other students across the globe.

When asked about the plans Enderun has for the BSIHM students of Enderun, Ms. Hung says that one of its current endeavors is giving full academic scholarships to students in their final year of studies.

The scholarships are named after Enderun’s industry partners that commit to accepting students for internships, and employing them after graduation. One of the hotels offering this is The Peninsula Group of Hotels.

If they wish to continue their studies at Les Roches, tuition would include accommodation, food, incidentals and travel expenses, among others. After two years of studying, students will earn a Swiss Hotel Association Diploma, and finish with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree in International Hotel Management.

Hotel Administration majors also have the opportunity to transfer either to Kendall College in Chicago, or to Les Roches International School of Management (either in Spain or in Switzerland), after finishing the pre-requisite subjects needed for both schools.

For those who want to transfer to Les Roches, they will need to take and pass the Les Roches Certification Exam at the end of their sophomore year. In the previous exam that was held, 29 Enderun students took the certification exam.

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