Give Love On Christmas Day

Christmas season is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than to binge Holiday-themed shows with your friends and family?

Christmas season this year may be different from the rest, and it can be hard to see the light in our situation at times, but the new Netflix rom-com series Dash & Lily can surely lift your spirits. Set in snowy New York, it follows the lives of Dash (Austin Abrams), who for the longest time, believed that Christmas was the most detestable time of the year, and Lily (Midori Francis), who, yet often misunderstood and is described as an “old soul” for her love for books and making her clothes, sees the beauty and excitement in everything she encounters. As most kids these days say, she wasn’t like other girls. A pessimist and an optimist, if you will. It all starts in their favorite city bookstore, The Strand. Unlike most cliche romantic comedies in the industry, the plot of Dash & Lily seemed unique; it piqued interest. They used the element of mystery to further urge its audience to continue watching. With one opening of a red notebook, a whole adventure began. From the written clues, finding out each other’s names, and to them giving each other dares as a way to know each other better without actually seeing one another, the writers made sure to keep the viewers on edge and looking forward to what’s next. It was the constant need for answers that made it so hard to stop watching

With the thrill of finding love and the spirit of Christmas cheer, there is so much more to the series than you think. It tackles many different life lessons and shows how important communication is. We should be able to be open with our relationships when we’re ready instead of lying. Stepping out of your comfort zone is another lesson their story highlights. Dash and Lily, though two very different people, had a lot in common. They both love to read, they enjoy their alone time, and above all, they needed an escape; a reason to forget about their current problems. Their Christmas that year wasn’t so great, after all. Instead, they managed to help each other grow and face their fears through a turn of a page. It goes to show how truly impactful your words could be.

The production team did a good job on the cinematography as well, and the set design screamed “Christmas” with the bright colors and lights. How they managed to create flawless transitions between past and present scenes, and the perspective of each character was impressive. The soundtrack tied it all together, and will surely put you in the Holiday mood. Everything just gave the series such a positive, carefree aura despite what some scenes may suggest. Dash & Lily is definitely a must-watch, especially to those who need a little fun show to cheer you up, Christmas lovers, and those who want a quick-binge, as it only has eight episodes.

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