The Magic World Of Dreamworks

Graphics by Somita Singh

Whenever we hear the company “Dreamworks”, we remember their popular films that we watched in the movie theater or even on Netflix. Some movies that are produced by them are How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, The Croods and more. Whether we loved or hated these films, they all have one thing in common, which is “fantasy”. These films take us to a whole different world, and that’s how I felt with Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix series Tales of Arcadia.

Tales of Arcadia is a Netflix animated series that revolves around the city of Arcadia, a teenager called Jim who got chosen by an amulet that was made by Merlín the Wizard and a few other characters that are part of this universe. The series starts off with Trollhunters. This show is about Jim protecting Arcadia and the troll world with the help of his friends. Some lessons that I learned from this are protecting the people I love and care about, never letting anything or anyone stand in the way of what you are truly meant to do and lastly, ask for help when you need it the most. Although I am almost done with this show, I can say that this is the best animated series that I ever watched.

Tales of Arcadia: 3D Below revolves around two alien siblings named Aja and Krell who got transported to earth in order to protect their parents’ bodies but sadly they were found by their enemy. When I first watched this animated show, I got hooked to the point where I finished it in less than two weeks. This shows how much I love the Tales Of Arcadia series. Before watching their latest film “Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans”, you have to watch Tales of Arcadia: Wizards which talks about how the characters all became united.

I highly recommend watching the series because of its historical aspect. If you are interested in trolls, troll hunters, magic and adventure then this is the best series for you. I also recommend doing a bit of research just so you can understand the stories of each character’s historical background such as Merlín the Wizard, Lancelot and more. I truly believe that Dreamworks produces the best films and shows among other production companies and hopefully they’ll make more animated shows like these.

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