Once A Titan, Always A Titan

Hey there, Titans!

For a community of driven, ingenious, and headstrong individuals, the challenges of life have not been a curse but a passage forward.

Once A Titan, Always A Titan, our second issue, continues to reveal the Enderun Community’s soaring spirits while posing the question, “What does it take to be a Titan?”

That was a question I asked myself as a student who transferred to Enderun during the start of the pandemic. I, like the majority of us, was used to attending face-to-face classes and engaging with classmates, professors, and colleagues in person rather than online. But after a year of adapting to the online environment, I have witnessed how the Enderun community continues to be themselves, and upholding Enderun’s values even through screens.

Regardless of the challenges that life has thrown at us, we remain to be hopeful and resilient not just for ourselves but also for those around us. Once A Titan, Always A Titan, aims to do just that.

With articles highlighting steadfast Enderun graduates, the diverse organizations in which Titans actively engage, and the Pivot and Mi Casa Es Su Casa Series, this issue shines a spotlight on various members of the Enderun Community, demonstrating the true Titan Lifestyle.

Elsewhere in this issue, we also take a moment to reminisce on the journey of our beloved school, and how the views of its faculty and staff members have evolved over the years.

Titans, let us arise!

Angeli Sato

How Businesses are Adapting to the New Normal

Our country has faced countless reforms over the years, but the pandemic has deeply affected the business industry. While some businesses were able to adapt, some were badly affected.
Supporting small and local businesses during this pandemic is helpful to our local communities. It’s a practice that should always be continued even post-pandemic.

What You’ve Always Needed is Self-Care

What You’ve Always Needed is Self-Care
Self-care is self-love.

A Week in Their Shoes: Enderun Student Ambassador Edition

Nick Chun is a sophomore studying Hotel Administration, a proud Enderun scholar, member of the Enderun Leadership Program, Lux Lucis Korean Communication Batch Representative, IHM Special Projects Team member, as well as one of the Enderun Student Ambassadors.
Having so many roles and responsibilities, how does Nick keep up with everything? Take a step into one of our own Titan’s shoes and find out what a typical week looks like for Nick.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa with Ms. Ainah Dimasacat

The discovery of new hobbies is really the trend right now due to the pandemic.
In the second edition of Mi Casa Es Su Casa, we’ve invited one of Enderun’s professors and one of the lovely guests on the SHS podcast: Enderun Unmuted. Ms. Ainah Dimasacat shared her experience and how she adapted to the changes posed by the pandemic as a teacher and graduate student at home.

More, More, More! This Year’s Titans Week has More to Offer!

Esports games are really a trend right now, and this pandemic has definitely brought out some of our competitive sides.
A few weeks ago, the Registered Student Organization, the Social Orientation & Community Development (SOCD), and the SHS Execomm organized the second virtual Titans Week. Some games they competed in were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Enderun Through the Years

Let us take you on a trip of how Enderun has changed through the years!
From occupying a space to having our own beautiful campus in Fort Bonifacio, from 80 pioneer students to over a thousand students, and from offering a one-degree program to having multiple programs, Enderun has definitely come very far.

You Know You’re A Titan When…

Hey Titans! This one’s for you!
These past few semesters have been quite a ride, just like a rollercoaster from our sudden shift to online classes to finally adjusting to the Zoom College lifestyle. It has definitely been a mind-blowing change.
A survey was launched to collect the different memories and viewpoints of various Titans online.

Music As A Coping Mechanism

Music is a medium that is shared and beloved by all, whether it be a medium of expression or a safe haven for some.
People have been listening to music for centuries. It has also slowly evolved along with the times. Today, there are many different genres and a vast library of artists and songs to listen to.

Once A Titan, Always A Titan

Enderun Ink’s second issue continues to reveal the Enderun Community’s soaring spirit while posing the question, “What does it take to be a Titan?”
To answer that question, INK has taken the initiative to collate the stories of a few of the many notable alumni the school has molded since its inauguration. Through their stories, we learned that regardless of the challenges that life has thrown at us, Titans can remain hopeful and resilient not just for themselves but also for those around us.

Melody of Dreams: Our Musically Creative Titans

In the global pandemic and lockdown, music played a big role in giving us something positive to look forward to.
Have you ever wondered if one of your classmates can sing or perhaps, produce music? In this article, we explore the creative side of Titans resonating first with sound waves, the art of singing. We’ll be featuring Enderun students who passionately involve themselves in the world of music.

Stay tuned for the rest of the articles in this issue as we release them weekly at ink.enderuncolleges.com!

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