Enderun Unmuted Season 2, Episode 1: Change is Inevitable

As the new season rolls in, Enderun Unmuted is back with brand new voices and faces to fill in your school year!

Changes can be exciting but they can be equally terrifying, especially when it’s something you’re new to. In this Season 2 of Episode 1, we discuss how change may be inevitable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be scary. As we get to know the whole team, hosts Rafa, Reese, and Wency, take the lead and talk about personal experiences, bond over games, and share their strengths and weaknesses as SHS students.

Though it’s a whole new gang, Enderun Unmuted’s new season is bound to be filled with laughter, stories, and connections as we get to discover one another. Join Enderun Unmuted as we embark on this whole new journey with a little bit of fear, a tad of nervousness but a bucket full of exhilaration!

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