International Wildlife Coalition Trust: Creating a Better Environment for Animals

Graphics by Erika Montenegro

Animal cruelty was around long before it was recognized to be a crime. People turn a blind eye as helpless animals are being mistreated and neglected. Some owners are even unaware that they are a part of the problem. Due to this, many organizations are seeking help to fight against animal cruelty.

International Wildlife Coalition Trust was first founded in the United Kingdom, where they raise funds to help countries in need of assistance when it comes to fighting against animal cruelty. IWCT Philippines was then fully established in 2017. The organization aims to promote anti-mange campaigns, eliminate dog trade meat, reduce the number of stray dogs, and promote animal welfare through neutering clinics and adoption. To expand its means, IWCT has formed its mobile clinic wherein vet and assistant volunteers work hand in hand to help more animals.

IWCT had traveled to different barangays and provincial areas to extend their free medical services like neutering, vaccination, and other veterinary treatments. In an interview with Ms. Suzanne Llanera, a professor in Enderun and a founder of IWCT Philippines, she had mentioned that the pandemic had affected their campaign as they are now confined to the location of their main clinic, Tarlac City. COVID-19 has forced many organizations, such as IWCT, to rely on social media to promote and endorse their advocacy.

In certain provinces, many myths circulate about improper ways of animal care. For instance, some people believe that tying a dog’s genitals with a rubber band would kill the dog’s sperm or eggs. With common misconceptions like this, IWCT aims to remove such beliefs with the help of its education program.

Ms. Suzanne mentioned that the IWCT team is filled with volunteers, and they are encouraging more people to join and help them achieve their goals. The Enderun community is familiar with such advocacy, as students have been supporting different animal organizations and even have their own called Enderun Artemis. In light of this, IWCT is inviting the Enderun community to spread more awareness about the issue.

Here are some ways the Enderun community can help!

  1. Recognize and introduce IWCT

    Despite the success of IWCT in creating a better environment for dogs in various areas, many people are still not familiar with its operation. As part of the Enderun community, we must recognize the organization and introduce it to other people.

  2. Educate about the importance of correct treatment and care

    As was previously mentioned, with all the myths and incorrect beliefs circulating, we must take time to educate ourselves and other people about the care and treatment most suitable for animals.

  3. Promote re-homing dogs or adoption

    Although IWCT is a clinic, it still helps dogs find their very own lovable homes. Instead of buying pets, IWCT is encouraging people to adopt their rescue dogs. With this, IWCT can make room for another dog that needs their help. We can help them by providing support and promoting the adoption of their dogs.

  4. Get involved

    IWCT can offer many other ways you can help. A one-time donation can provide vitamins, food, or medications for a dog. IWCT also allows people to make or update their wills to ensure that their legacy will benefit the people and causes that they care about. Furthermore, IWCT also allows people to support the local community and their cause by selling face masks with their dogs’ faces.

With enough knowledge, we can spread more awareness about animal abuse. Together with the International Wilderness Coalition Trust, let us eliminate animal abuse. Let us not turn a blind eye to it. Animals do not have a voice as we do, so we must stand up and make a change. To know more about IWCT, give their website a visit.

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