Titans in Power



As our current President’s six-year term draws to an end, the Philippine nation encounters yet again another presidential election. But this time, the country’s young people are stronger than ever – making sure that they are engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating today’s and tomorrow’s politics.

INK Enderun’s fourth issue, titled Titans in Power, aims to approach the elections as objectively as possible, and provide the opportunity for Titans to organize and play a meaningful role in political decision making, so they could consistently demonstrate their willingness and ability to foster positive, lasting change.

You will find in this issue ways that guide voters through the whole election process, from navigating politics in a digital world to handling misinformation and avoiding amplifying it. Elsewhere in this issue, we look at politics through the lens of Titans and discover what elections truly mean for them, their voting behaviors, and the economic issues that matter to them the most.

For political systems to be representative, all parts of society must be included. In view of this, the Titans in Power issue features how voting is a fundamental act of civic participation through which young people contribute to democracy. While it’s just one of many ways that youth engagement can take, it is a powerful way for the youth to make their voices heard and to have an impact on issues that affect them and their communities.


Angeli Sato


Important Election Terms

The 2022 elections are just around the corner; let us go through some election terms with you!
This article talks about basic terminologies to help us better understand our country’s government and avoid fake news. We believe that this can lessen the shared misunderstandings and or ignorances surrounding politics.
This article defines important but easy political concepts for education and underlines the need to be involved in these issues.

The 2022 Election Blueprint

Are you ready for the 2022 Election?
Filipinos will vote on the 9th of May 2022 to elect the country’s future leaders from across the nation! This article will help us prepare for the election season and guide us on what to expect. This includes a walkthrough of the voting process and a few reminders.
Let us all vote wisely!

How the Economy is Affected by the Elections

The 2022 elections are coming!
Amid a recession due to the pandemic, let’s read about the correlation the elections have on the state of our economy.

Ways to Navigate Politics in a Digital World

A Social media plays a significant role in our lives with its ability to inspire political participation, boost public awareness, and transform political agendas.
Because of its powerful influence, it heightens the need for the cultivation of our media literacy skills to avoid falling prey to unreliable sources as well as spreading misinformation. Misinformation can lead to detrimental perceptions and beliefs towards societal and political-related discussions.

Informing Yourself, So That Misinformation Doesn’t

When misinformation hides behind the face of reliability, we’re susceptible to harmful information that influences our beliefs. How can we spot misinformation and avoid amplifying it?

Who Do We Choose and Why?

As the upcoming elections draw nearer and nearer, we stop and ask ourselves, which candidates should we choose and why?
With all the campaigning happening today, the inevitable divide between voters and candidate preferences becomes more prominent. To understand more, this article examines some of the factors that contribute to voter behavior.
Let us practice our civic duties properly by doing research—even if it is taxing and make sure to vote wisely, Titans!

POV’s of the Enderun Community Regarding Elections

The elections are coming up, and it has become overwhelming for people to keep up. What does a Titan think about all these events with this vast political atmosphere?
A random survey with an arbitrary sample size of 22 participants was conducted to get the perspective of the Titan community regarding elections. This article will talk about the point-of-view of a few members of the Enderun Community about voting and their general insight about politics.

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