Shows To Watch During Summer

Graphics by Una Dela Cruz

Summer is finally here and I am looking forward to catching up on watching different show series that are on my “series to watch during the summer” list. As a series lover, I can honestly say how happy I am to see more seasons being released this year since we’re now coming out of the pandemic and going back to our new normal lives. Here are five series that I highly recommend to watch over the summer break:

  1. How To Get Away With Murder

    If you are interested in U.S. law or watching mysteries, then this series is perfect for you. I chose this series because of its storyline and its characters. Viola Davis is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses and I was so excited to watch this. This show has six seasons. I am currently in season 5 and let me tell you that it’s so interesting, especially since I have seen the growth of my favorite characters. This show revolves around the Keating 5, a group of young aspiring lawyers that Annalise Keating picked to be a part of her inner circle. They are in charge of helping her win her different cases in Philadelphia court, but they catch themselves solving murders that they have committed which challenged them into thinking if being in the Keating 5 is good for them. Every episode is 45 minutes and you may watch this alone or with your friends.

  2. Never Have I Ever

    I chose this show because it’s a Netflix original and it’s created by Mindy Kaling. It also reminds of high school days when we only had to worry about homework, prom, getting high grades, etc. This show revolves around a highschool student named Devi Vishwakumar, who is crushing on her cute swimmer schoolmate named Paxton Hall Yoshida. If you’re a fan of Darren Barnet, I am sure you’ll enjoy watching this. If you also enjoy watching romantic Netflix series then you’ll definitely enjoy this. I am currently on the last episode of Season 2 and let me tell you that I am Team Paxton instead of Team Ben. Ben Gross is Devi’s archnemesis and academic competitor who started having a crush on Devi in the end of season 1. Lastly, every episode is 25 minutes long which is very easy to watch with your friends or alone because of how funny and relatable the characters are. How would you feel about two men having a crush on you? Would you choose the cute swimmer who never bullied you and liked you for who you are or would you choose your academic arch nemesis who started liking you even if he knew that you liked someone else?

  3. Elite

    This show is about Las Encinas students and their lives but what happens if they get involved with murder. The first and second season is about finding the murder weapon that was used to kill Guzman’s sister, Marina. Samuel and his friends also get blamed for it simply because trouble started happening when they attended school because of the scholarship they got. But that changed when Samuel finally told Guzman that one of his friends murdered her sister. New characters also joined the second season which complicated things for the original cast. The third season is when they get interrogated again by the police because of an accident that happened in their graduation party. The fourth and fifth season revolves around the new additional cast members since most of the original cast left for college. I chose this show because of the plot, the characters, the cinematography and of course, the language. Lastly, if you like watching Spanish films and series then you’ll definitely enjoy this.

  4. La Casa De Papel (“Money Heist”)

    I chose another Spanish Netflix series that I enjoyed watching. This show is about a group of people that Sergio Marquina (“The Professor”) created in order to plan different heists within Spain. In this group, the people he picked were named after famous cities that they chose. The show has three seasons, all of which became successful. I honestly loved the third season because of how it ended. The character developments were also seen in the episodes, and the cinematography was one of the reasons why I enjoyed watching the series. Although the show has ended, a spin-off is planned which will be about the professor’s brother, Berlin who also played a big role in the show. Lastly, you can watch this with your friends, siblings, or by yourself during the summer break.

  5. Riverdale

    The last Netflix series that I wanna share is “Riverdale.” This show was inspired by the Archie Comics. It revolves around the lives of Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews. The genre of the show is action, romance and mystery. I chose this show because I enjoy the mystery and romance part of it. I also like the chemistry between Tabitha Tate and Jughead Jones. Most importantly, if you’re interested in watching mystery, action and romance during this summer season, this will definitely be one of your favorites especially since they released new episodes from their newest season.

I am looking forward to knowing what other Netflix series you all enjoy watching during and after the summer season. These shows have definitely learned so much about casting, their plots, how they edit these shows and so much more. Netflix is slowly getting better in releasing shows that will keep their audiences hooked.

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