Geick Week Recap

Written by: Chevy Klein Tan

As a current ‘Freshie’ in Enderun Colleges, GEICK (General Education’s International and Cultural Knowledge) WEEK is when students with General Subjects are given unconventional activities to replace classwork. While some may view this as a “free pass” to skip classes, it becomes evident that Enderun Titans of all ages handle this event with extreme earnestness.

From October 25 to October 27, GEICK WEEK aims to promote multiple activities curated by Enderun GE professors, Enderun Core members and participating students. This year’s theme focused on “Oriental” and had campus grounds dressed in traditional Asian decor.

With that, what exactly did the 2023 GEICK WEEK include, and how did my fellow first-year students contribute to the occurrence?

One event that truly sparked everyone’s interest was the “Find that Teacher!” Following the concept of Pokemon Go- various QR codes were planted around school grounds. With that, students were tasked with finding 13 GE professors by scanning the code. With the accumulation of teachers, students would gain higher points (the most possible points being fifteen). More often than not, students would find themselves with different photos of the same teacher (kind of like other variations of the same Pokemon). Still, as I participated in the hunt, I noticed that most first-year students enjoyed the process of collection and treated it as a fun tournament rather than an obligatory project- Which, in my books, shows the success of the event!

Simultaneously, various student-led events promoted partnerships between the first-year students and their senior batches. The Human Exhibit by the Enderun Experience Class utilized the Titans’s Hall Library to set up ancient civilization and even had students pose in cultural garments while maintaining a statue-esque stance. One of my personal favourites was the hand-made Greek Columns seen outside the TH Building. With each civilization, numerous “freshies” ventured into the Library and took photos with their favourite models and designs (perhaps, the photo-taking is to gather inspiration for next year’s human exhibit).

Another student-led exhibit many anticipated was the Science, Technology and Society’s Virtual Museum, where students of the class work together to create “walkable” digital exhibitions with multiple but detailed information about particular inventions of technology. Despite the event’s cancellation due to sudden circumstances, many students reiterate their excitement for the future gallery alongside the learnings attained during the creation. (ask sir Oliver for a quote).

Of course, another standout segment during GEICK WEEK was the first-year booths, which sold multiple items ranging from Japanese sweets, savory snacks, café cakes, Sanrio cake pops, stickers, drinks and other exciting goods.

Each booth had an enticing stance that encouraged visitors to purchase. If the setup wasn’t enough, the premise of the booths held a touching purpose- with every purchase, the obtained funding would go to Enderun’s Legacy Project, wherein the newly inaugurated batch would create a project beneficial to the next generation of EC Titans.

Rest assured, GEICK WEEK also promoted “downtime” for students who wanted a quiet space. Once the Human Exhibit ended, the Library would transform into a Movie Room where classic Asian Horror Movies would be available for audiences to watch. As the film picture plays, students could opt to watch in chairs or take advantage of the laid-out banig, beanbags, and pillows.

Another fun event held in the TH Library would be the UNO tournament. Though I wouldn’t use the term “relaxing” for UNO, numerous student players were seen enjoying and mingling with fellow peers. The event started on October 26 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM. Above all, the winner is said to have won a cash prize!

Lastly, a great way to end the week was through the Quiz Bee, where all students could win a grand prize by answering questions seen throughout their GE modules. Though there was only one jackpot winner, participants reviewed queries and came up with their guesses.

With the conclusion of GEICK WEEK 2023, there is clarity on the importance of non-traditional events that encourage students and professors to work hand-in-hand in obtaining knowledge. As my “freshie” batch grows, I am reassured the next GEICK WEEKS to follow will be equally unique and full of innovative learning opportunities.

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