A Joyous Chuseok Celebration Unfolds at Enderun College

Written by: Akio Macaraeg

The Enderun Hospitality hub recently played host to a vibrant and culturally enriching Chuseok celebration, bringing together students, faculty, and staff in a festive extravaganza. Chuseok, also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day, is a time-honored harvest festival celebrated with family and friends. The event at Enderun Colleges aimed to capture the spirit of this traditional holiday, fostering a sense of community and cross-cultural understanding.

The college campus underwent a remarkable transformation as it embraced the vibrant colors and decorations associated with Chuseok. Halls and common areas were adorned with traditional Korean lanterns, colorful ribbons, and displays showcasing the rich history and customs of Chuseok. This immersive environment set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

One of the highlights of the Chuseok event was a series of captivating cultural booths that embodied the beauty and diversity of Korean traditions. With the help of the students from the Korun Community, showcasing different game and food booths not only entertained the audience but also educated them about the significance of Chuseok in Korean culture.

No Chuseok celebration would be complete without a feast of traditional Korean cuisine. There were booths with menus to offer a wide array of Chuseok specialties, including the iconic Kimbap and Tteokbokki. Students and staff had the opportunity to savor the flavors of Korea, fostering a sense of cultural exchange through the universal language of food.

To engage participants on a more personal level, the event organizers arranged interactive workshops where attendees could try their hand at traditional Korean activities. Many students joined in making their own Songpyeon and Japchae, painting lanterns, and learning the traditional way of writing in calligraphy in the Korean language. The booths that filled the Titans Hall were filled with fun Korean games such as Gonggi, a game using colorful plastic stones, and Ddakji, a competitive Korean game of slamming a well-crafted folded paper title onto another folded paper tile — both of which are famous Korean childhood games. And if you’re looking to learn some of your Kpop dances, the Enderun Dance Crew got you covered with their workshop at the dance studio. The Titans on campus had the chance to experience firsthand many customs associated with Chuseok; These activities not only added an element of fun but also deepened the understanding of Korean traditions.

Beyond the booths and workshops, the Chuseok celebration at Enderun Colleges served as a platform for fostering community bonds. Students from various backgrounds came together to celebrate the festival, sharing stories, laughter, and creating lasting memories. The event succeeded in promoting cultural diversity and unity within the college community.

The Chuseok Festival at Enderun was the first of its kind. Needless to say, it was a resounding success, bringing the beauty of Korean culture to the forefront and fostering a sense of community on campus. The vibrant and mesmerizing decorations, delectable cuisine, and interactive workshops created an immersive experience that left a lasting impact on all who participated. As daylight came to an end, the Chuseok Festival ended with a bonfire gathered by Titans honoring the late Dean Ed Rodriguez, an Enderun Titan through and through. The spirit of the Chuseok Festival will not only end on this particular day, but it also goes beyond to become one of many Enderun Traditions in the future.

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