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To: Aspiring Korean IHM Students, From Caleb Han

Annyeonghaseyo! We know a lot of successful alumni that are now on top of their industry, but how many successful Korean alumni do you guys know? Last February 23rd, the IHM Special Projects Team, under Ms. Bel Castro, organized “In Conversation with: Caleb Han,” an event for the Korean IHM community.

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Merienda Time: A Virtual Social Event

Last February 22 and 23, the IHM Special Projects Team, headed by Michella Dib, hosted “Merienda Time,” a virtual social event held via Zoom and Discord. This event aimed to build new and genuine connections between students in different batches and even professors.

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Insights from a Hotelier: Emil Ekberg

On the 11th of February, the Enderun students had the opportunity to have a conversation about the hotel industry during the webinar, “Standards, Online Reputation Management, Guest Experience, Guest Types with Mr. Emil Ekberg,” hosted by Mr. Jack Tuason. The guest speaker, Mr. Emil Ekberg, who has had over twelve years of experience in the hospitality industry and is currently the Hotel Manager at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, had a lot to share about the current state of hotels, his experiences, the future of the hotel industry, and even advice for the freshmen in attendance.

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Make Room For Growth

Everybody makes mistakes. No matter the age or sexuality, leading the “perfect” life is something out of reach. There will always be bumps along the road, and that’s okay. It’s part of life. In a world where negative judgment has fit into the norm, especially in the media, cancel culture has become a practice to deliberately guilt-shame and bash people online for certain actions that they’ve done, whether in the past or present, that are deemed “unacceptable”.

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The Mind Of A Journalist

The Manila Times and The Manila Times College held its 4th Campus Press Awards last January 29, 2021. The aforementioned event aims to recognize and inspire talented and promising students to pursue their passion for journalism. In this event, one of the speakers, Ms. Faith Del Mundo, a TV-5 reporter and The Manila Times College Alumni, gave wonderful insight and lessons for all aspiring journalists. She used the word FAITH, which is also her name, to impart her lessons.

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How to Make Valentine’s Day at Home Meaningful

Planning for a great Valentine date can be stressful, more so during this pandemic. Lucky for us that this year’s Valentine’s Day lies on a Sunday. We can laze around in our pajamas all day while doing different activities together. I have listed 10 activities that you can do with your loved ones for the whole day.

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How You Can Celebrate Chinese New Year at Home

Celebrating Chinese New Year is one of the most exciting holidays one can experience. Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival no matter where they are. It doesn’t always have to be grand because this is all about reuniting with your families and celebrating a new year.

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INK: More Than A Newsletter

INK Enderun, an award-winning student publication, has always been more than the official newsletter of the school. It is not only underpinned by the articles being published and the graphics posted along with it, nor its eloquent writers with their poignant words and inventive editors who always go beyond the box. Rather, INK would not be the same without the Enderun community.

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How To Approach Toxic Relationship

Being in a relationship is one of the beautiful things that an individual can experience. That is, until it slowly becomes toxic, and you choose to stay without realizing that it could lead to losing your self-worth.