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Health Services Webinar: How to Boost the Immune System

Sure, medications and personal protective equipment are indispensable in protecting us from diseases, but our immune system is just as crucial. Serving as our first line of defense, keeping our immune system in its ‘tip-top shape’ would be beneficial. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc, having a well-protected immune system is needed more than ever. It is a vital asset in keeping us and those around us safe.


Writing Engaging Stories

Last February 26, 2021, General Education Department of Enderun Colleges organized a talk about how to write engaging books and stories which enables the students to know more about the writing process and how to improve it.


Barkada Talk: Mental Matters

With over 100 attendees on Zoom, Barkada Talk: Mental Matters was an event organized by The Leadership Program, where they invited alumni who graduated from Enderun Colleges, namely Ms. Bea Gonzales, Amber Masorong, and Hannah Pira. The speakers tackled many issues, including breaking the stigma revolving around mental health.

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Insightful Talks with Enderun Entrepreneurs Society

The Enderun Entrepreneurs Society started Student Life’s Week with the first webinar of many eventful webinars. The talk was called “A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Trading” where the organization invited Sir Kenneth Arthur S. Bassig as the speaker of the event. In this talk, the speaker debunked the myths of the stock market and eased the fears of aspiring stock traders. He taught students how to make money from stocks and explained each stock market term in a simple but elaborate speech.


Let’s Get Connected: PATA Enderun Colleges Student Chapter Leaders Network with Global Peers

Last March 11, the newly revived Enderun Colleges Student Chapter was invited to the Virtual Networking for Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Chapter Leaders webinar. Hosted by Aletheia Tan, a PATA Youth Ambassador, this event was a gathering of students from different PATA Student Chapters for a chance to meet one another, establish connections, and discuss future projects.


The Titans Behind the Podcast

Greetings everyone! It’s a pleasure to let you know that we have made a podcast called “Hey There, Titans!” wherein we talk about student life, our lifestyles, and all the happenings in the Enderun community.