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Parlez-Vous Francais 0

Parlez-Vous Francais?

Many people today feel strongly about travel and cultural diversity. Many of us dream to experience the luxury of first-hand experience of a different culture. France in particular is one of the most lively...

RSO Guide - Soundcast 0

RSO Guide: Soundcast

Formally a branch under B.E.A.T (Band of Enderun Artists and Talents), SoundCast is Enderun’s official glee club composed of some of the school’s most talented vocalists. Marlo, the president, believes that singing can be...

RSO Guide - Alter Eco 0

RSO Guide: Alter Eco

The presence of environmental concerns has been more evident than before. People are even more proactive, as they are more educated regarding these matters. It is no surprise that Enderun Colleges has its own...

Culinary Corner 0

Culinary Corner

One of the best things that Enderun offers its students is the number of opportunities that internships open for them. Enderun’s industry partners are some of the best hotels and businesses in the industry....

Business Bulletin 0

Business Bulletin

As the Dean of Enderun’s College of Business and Entrepreneurship department, Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez is a busy man. He graciously took time out to sit down and chat with Paolo Kalagayan to discuss the...

Entrepreneurship Week 2012 0

Entrepreneurship Week 2012

If there’s anything that’s trending in today’s competitive world, it’s the growth of various businesses in the market no matter how small or big. The 20th to 24th of February marked Entrep-Week 2012 at...