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Professor’s Wisdom: IHM Department

A professor is defined as someone who has mastered their field of study and is now teaching in colleges or universities. For this article, two professors will be sharing their wisdom. If you want to advance in the IHM (International Hotel and Management) industry, it is time to take down notes from these accomplished professors.

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Entering the Workplace Microcosm: AddedEducation Internship Masterclass

Internship season is upon us once more. Luckily for this new batch, Mr. Yannick Malo and his colleagues from AddedEducation offered their expertise, advice, and stories to assist the upcoming career starters of Enderun Colleges.

AddedEducation, formerly known as AddedSport, is a Singapore-based undergraduate consultation and profile-building company that focuses on assisting student-athletes and gifted students to achieve their educational goals: from prestigious high school programs to Ivy League Universities across the world. During the webinar, Mr. Yannick and two Titans taking their internship in the company share their experiences and advice to start our young careers.

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Internship FAQS Part 2: Interviews and Curriculum Vitae

With the online setting, I noticed how a lot of students are afraid and hesitant to take their internships, and that includes me. I heard how students wish they could travel to take their internship and gain on-hand experience, how they’re hesitant because they think they are not yet ready, and how they hope for everything to go back to normal again. But don’t you worry because online or not, the Office of Career Services is always there to guide us.

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A Tribute to Sir Michael De Villa

They say “Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever”, and it reigns true through the memories we’ve shared with those we love. No matter the circumstance, they never truly leave us. They live on through our actions; they live on through the memories.

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Spectrum | A Step Closer to Gender Equality

Spectrum is an Enderun Organization that stands for one of the strongest fights our society is facing right now, gender inequality. Cha Martin as the team’s President (they/them) and Ashley Perez (she/her) as the Vice President. They both have been interviewed to gain more insight about what exactly the new organization stands for and the services they offer.

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Enderun Entrepreneurs Society: Internship Stories During the Pandemic

Last September 29 to October 1, Enderun Entrepreneur’s Society hosted a webinar entitled the BA & BSE Internship Series. In this 3-day series, the organization aimed to share the stories of the Enderun students that have undergone internships during the pandemic. The featured students representing the various courses under BA and BSE shared their journey from applying to numerous companies to accomplishing seemingly impossible work tasks. The narratives of their internship experience serve as an inspiration for everyone to make the most out of the work-from-home setup and to remain resilient in the process of internship.