Fostering Intersectionality with Toni Taus

Graphics by Lexy Anusevicius

Antoinette Taus, also known as Toni Taus, is an award-winning actress and singer in The Philippines but has now dedicated her time to becoming an influential changemaker. Taus is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Program as well as the Founder of CORA and The Sustainable Planet. On the 18th of October, 2021, Toni was invited by Enderun Care to speak about her journey and accumulated wisdom so far.

Toni stressed that this mission for the people and the planet is intersectional. From social to ecological impacts, both locally and globally, Toni Taus calls on all of us to do our part in engaging with one another for a brighter future.

CORA was devised from initially being a simple monthly project named Hashtag Lunchbag in Los Angeles. Hashtag Lunchbag began with a handful of friends wanting to serve the community. They became a resource distributor of nostalgic meals and quickly grew in support and love. CORA’s programs are centered on issues like hunger, poverty, inequality, and quality education, with a focus on women, children and indigenous communities. Today, thousands of children and women are heard and addressed thanks to the helping hand of CORA’s community.

With over 10,000 volunteers since 2010, help is a significant factor in such programs. In our acts of sharing, donating and helping, we create broader paths of access and opportunities for those in need. We all have something to offer. In this day and age where everyone can be a voice and an influencer in our own way, listening and sharing with one another has become painfully easy. Let us use the great technological designs in front of us to tie in a more circular economy.

The Sustainable Planet is another platform of Toni Taus’ that strives to connect bridges for a more intersectional world. According to National Geographic, though indigenous communities take up only 5% of the total population, they protect 80% of the global biodiversity. Through The Sustainable Planet, we may purchase and be an active help towards local tribes. For instance, bamboo straws can be picked up from the Mambukin tribe and upcycled medals from indigenous communities in Lake Sebu. Perhaps more importantly, we could listen to these communities and learn from their wisdom.

As they collaborate with inspiring communities, The Sustainable Planet also finds inspiration from the Circular Economy. Their social media platforms educate on rethinking and redesigning packaging and products that aim to avoid waste. When utilizing the Circular Economic framework, achieving sustainable and fairer environments and growth becomes genuinely viable. That is why they encourage learning, relearning, and perhaps even unlearning certain methods and ideas we have used before as we enter a new world that demands new change. From how corals affect marine life to designing waste and pollution, The Sustainable Planet is updated and updating us with valuable insights.

More biodiversity conservation happens in CORA, as seen with their “WoMangrove Warriors” mangrove rehabilitation, where women are acknowledged for their immense role and impact.

Toni was a brilliant artist in her field respectively. You could be a hospitality student, graphic designer, or even a pastry chef! In our unique ways, we are all called to serve the very planet that has never stopped serving us. Toni calls us to add onto the 3 traditional R’s we all know by diving into repairing, reimaging, and refusing when needed.

To conclude the virtual event with Enderun Care, Toni brought out her ukulele and sang us her rendition of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Within the 17 goals, there at 169 established targets. There is room for everyone to contribute and further innovate.

Our wildlife needs your attention.
The people need your support.
The planet needs your action.

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