Becoming Better Titans

Hey there, Titans!

We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement—regardless of age and experience. In INK’s third issue, Becoming Better Titans, we embark on a journey of growth, see things in a new light, and take this moment to reflect and better ourselves.

Through articles and podcast episodes, Becoming Better Titans explores the lenses of different individuals in the Enderun Community; from redefining success to seizing opportunities, this issue is packed with inspiration and ideas on life and the world.

Driven by the goal of learning beyond the four walls of a room, we feature insights that will help you become a more active citizen by understanding the importance of voting and engaging in activities that will aid in the prevention of climate change.

In this issue, we also spotlight some of Enderun’s organizations with advocacies that touch the areas of feminism and the LGBTQ+ Community. With our usual focus on design and art, we continue to bring together an interesting read on the artistic side of Titans.

This year proved that we need to do things better, so let’s aim to do just that.

Reinielle Labay
Head, Writers Department

Angeli Sato


Techniques and Work Ethics to Become a Better Student

We all experience cramming and procrastination during our lives as students.
A number of us fill our brains with information the night before exams, which contributes to burnout in some people.
In this article, INK gives you four study techniques and work ethics that are considered the most effective when studying.

Something I Wish I Knew Before Pt. 1: Must-Have Apps for College

We all experience cramming and procrastination during our lives as students.
A number of us fill our brains with information the night before exams, which contributes to burnout in some people.
In this article, INK gives you four study techniques and work ethics that are considered the most effective when studying.

The Power of Youth in Voting for Government Elections

Stay informed and exercise your right to vote!
The next election is nearing, and there are only four days left to register. INK wants to let you know how important it is to vote, and if you’re still unsure how to register, this article is here for you to guide you on how to register.
We Filipinos stand with each other to fight for change, and this is one of the fundamental ways to achieve that. Let’s also encourage others to register and vote wisely.

From Real Life to Screen Life: How Making Friends Has Changed

Friendships in the pandemic are tricky.
Online social life is tough, but the good news is that alleviating the burden of these is always possible and available to you!
For those struggling with online and social burnout, as well as boundaries in areas of your life, we’d love to see our Enderun community succoring in their mental and emotional health by first reading this article at.

Acad is Life But Org is Lifer: Learning Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

Opportunities come to those people who actively chase for it. — Nicole Chua”
Academics is one of the keys to moving forward, however, it is the organizations you join that hone your workplace and interpersonal skills. Moreover, joining organizations will enable you to be exposed to different people and where you’ll get to expand your network. This will make you stand out as a student and a person aside from your academic achievements.
In this article, Nicole Chua shares her story about how organizations have spiced up her virtual college life.

How We Can Learn From Hard Truths

When we go through life we sometimes reject seeing simple truths because we worry that they will be too hard to endure, even though accepting them will make our daily lives more authentic by waking with reality.
There will be various harsh truths and realities that we will encounter as we go through our journey in life, but it will not always be as bad when we try to learn and take advantage of these complex truths.
In recent times, has there been any hard truth you had to take? Let’s take a look at these hard truths from a perspective by reading the article

Something I Wish I Knew Before Part 2: Starting a Business [Teacher’s Edition]

Thinking of starting your own business can feel overwhelming when you realize you’re in the middle of the unsettling unfamiliarity of it all. But this doesn’t have to remain an unnerving experience.
Your dream can begin now with the right guidance and wisdom obtained from those who’ve gone through the same experience. A few Titans in the community share where to start, what to avoid, all while letting you see that these are all possible first and foremost, simply with the effort to learn.

Redefining Success: Through the Lens of the Enderun Community

Success seems to be an all-time evolving definition. This can often make it feel like the goal of reaching it moves further away from our reach each time we attempt to fulfill the certain “standard” of success.
So how do we cope with this? We need to unlearn the ideal image of success because only we can define for ourselves what success is.
Learn more from our students and professors in the Enderun community to share their insights on this.

Zonta, the Definition of Feminism

Feminism is essential for people of all sexes, genders, and backgrounds. It empowers people and society as a whole. This proves that not only women can be feminists based on a widespread misperception by others.
To share a feminist’s advocacy is to also promote the idea of enabling individuals to live freely and empower themselves without being bound by traditional limits.
Feminism attempts to demolish gender stereotypes that have been in place for a long time.
Zonta, an organization in Enderun Colleges, stands for women’s rights and advocates for equality.

Enderun’s Solution is Less Pollution

Undergraduate Sustainable Management courses are becoming highly significant particularly at Enderun Colleges.
In 2016, a new undergraduate program was introduced: the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Sustainability Management (BSBA-SM). This program helps the environment by focusing on the underlying causes of environmental concerns and business practices tied to how we operate.

Spectrum: A Step Closer to Gender Equality

What people need more than ever now is unconditional acceptance, understanding, and love. Differences and diversity existing in others should not make them unqualified for this, including fundamental human rights.
Get to know more about Spectrum and its community that aims to change the world by educating, destigmatizing, and fighting for gender equality.

Something I Wish I Knew Before: Starting a Business [Student’s Edition]

In this continuation of our series entitled “Things I Wish I Knew Before”, we feature the various college students within the campus who have created their businesses while still managing their academic and organizational responsibilities.
Gain more guidance and wisdom from these Enderun students who’ve successfully launched their businesses and learned a plethora of valuable revelations that are vital throughout the process of starting your own business.

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