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Ouverture 2012 0

Ouverture 2012

The evening of July 6, 2012 was made to be a highlight event for the Enderun student. Created and planned by Cultura, an organization celebrates and commemorates different cultures and activities, Ouverture is the...

RSO Guide - Cultura 0

RSO Guide: Cultura

From Bollywood to China: Cultura started with its first event, Kultura Pilipino. “It was a very extravagant gala night,” Sang Hyun Lee, the President, says. “The idea was to try to introduce Filipino culture...

Experience Asia 0

Experience Asia

Last February 13-16, Cultura, together with the humanities classes, held their signature, week-long event, Asian Week. It’s an annual event that lets you experience Asia in a different point of view. It celebrates various...