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Spectrum | A Step Closer to Gender Equality

Spectrum is an Enderun Organization that stands for one of the strongest fights our society is facing right now, gender inequality. Cha Martin as the team’s President (they/them) and Ashley Perez (she/her) as the Vice President. They both have been interviewed to gain more insight about what exactly the new organization stands for and the services they offer.

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Enderun Entrepreneurs Society: Internship Stories During the Pandemic

Last September 29 to October 1, Enderun Entrepreneur’s Society hosted a webinar entitled the BA & BSE Internship Series. In this 3-day series, the organization aimed to share the stories of the Enderun students that have undergone internships during the pandemic. The featured students representing the various courses under BA and BSE shared their journey from applying to numerous companies to accomplishing seemingly impossible work tasks. The narratives of their internship experience serve as an inspiration for everyone to make the most out of the work-from-home setup and to remain resilient in the process of internship.

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EES Career World: A Look into Professional Life after College

College is the time of our lives when we discover and learn more about ourselves. At the very least, our academic institutions help guide us towards the start of our lives as career people. At the end of our college life lies our infinite choices and potential in the professional world. EES’ Career World helped its attendees meditate on the possibilities of their future.

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Zonta, the Definition of Feminism

It’s insane to have to mold yourself into a standard of physical and social attributes, even more so for women. The past created impossible standards for them to fulfill, like to never outshine a man’s success. The double-standard for men and women is still very evident in today’s society, and it needs to be not only addressed but dealt with.

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TITAN RSO Encourage Students to Follow Their Passion

School is about far more than just academics. We have a life outside of the classroom, as much as we want to succeed academically. We each have our passions, and our school never fails to support us in reaching our goals. Our school offers a variety of learning opportunities, including webinars, the best internships, and, of course, student organizations.