Starry Starry Christmas

I entered the Atrium last December 18 to attend the annual Enderun Christmas Party. For this year, they decorated the hall with stars and Christmas balls to convey the theme: Starry Night.

Everyone was busy with the party trimmings that the school provided for the students during the night. Many lined up ahead at the buffet table, hungry and eager to eat; others piled at the bar to have their first shots for the night; some just smiled and fooled around in front of the camera at the photo booth; while others caught up with friends when the emcees, Aaron Cabagay and Nitesh Dolwani, seized everyone’s attention so the program could start.

The program started with a beautiful prayer song by Vanessa Paoleli. This was then followed by a Christmas carol sang by Enderun’s very own glee club, Soundcast. A video presentation launching The Enderun Colleges My Success Story Video Competition was played to invite students and staff to share their own success story.

In the middle of the program, the audience’s attention sparked when they announced that they would be auctioning students for the night. First on the line was Erica Gono, the starting bid was 200 pesos and at first, no one seemed to be interested. But when Jaja Mantele jokingly said that they could take Erica home for a thousand bucks, one young man raised his hand holding a thousand peso bill. Everyone cheered for the guy as he was told to go in front to take Erica but he was telling that he was just a representative for another guy. Even so, he’s a lucky guy indeed.

The ball rolled on and more students were supposed to be auctioned, but they seemed shy to participate and so the program went on to the awarding of poll winners. An election booth was placed at the entrance so that the students could cast their vote for their favorites. Among the winners were: Samantha Camille Jumchai as the Campus Sweetheart, Culinaire as the best Organization, Sang Hyun Lee and Noel Mauricio as the Cutest Couple, and Sir Gully Go as the Campus Heartthrob.

A dance presentation by Under Construction was next in line. The audience’s excitement was heightened as they cheered the dancers of the group. This excitement was then sustained by different bands that played for the night. But what made the crowd really wild was when Enderun’s Best Teacher, Sir Erwin Lizarondo belted out the tune ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’.

And so the party heated up. The crowd began to assemble at the center of the atrium to dance the night away. The night was capped by overflowing drinks and reverberating music – marking the year end with a blast.

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Jodee Verdejo

Jodee Verdejo is the President of Anyo. She writes because she wants to improve her skill in writing and she wants to share her thoughts to others.

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