New Young Varsity Beats Seasoned St. Benilde

Titan scores against three Benilde greens!

Titan scores against three Benilde greens!


By Sonny Alfonso

Enderun’s Basketball varsity has won several championships and league games over the years. With graduation and internships abroad, most of the old stalwarts are busy on their career path.  It is therefore quite another challenge to put a new team on the hardboards against old league players.


Led by team captain Mark Nunez, the new Titans tuned up by muscling their way into picking off rebounds, driving into the key and fade-away jump-shots. They were ready to face St Benilde College whose seasoned team boasted three 6’4” guards and center, and five fast break runners. This team hit a high percentage of their field attempts.


The first quarter found the ball mainly in the St Benilde court as their taller guards took most of the rebounds. They also shot neatly under the boards despite heavy Titan blocking. The first quarter score was no surprise 13 – 15 with St Benilde leading.


By the second quarter, the Titan guards learned to jump high and toss the rebounds out to the fast-breakers. Nunez and Francis also scored mightily with their three pointers. Titans reversed the score, 40-27.

Titan Kyle Gaitan underneath the boards to score a twist shot against the glass

Titan Kyle Gaitan underneath the boards to score a twist shot against the glass


By the third quarter, St Benilde wised up to the Titan tactics and also played several fast breaks.  Their tall guards and center also scored on several foul shots, the Titans’ main defense against height. But again Titans hit back with drive-ins and several three pointers in a tense 3rd quarter 54-48.


In both 3rd and 4th quarter, St Benilde made several substitutes with a warm bench of only four. They were beginning to tire out. Titans then struck hard,  intercepting several passes, driving into the key and outside shots.


The new team triumphed over St Benilde 77 to 65. Cool playing and wise coaching from veteran Coach Pipo!




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