A Ballet Finalist . . . from Enderun?


By Sonny Alfonso

Is Enderun heading a new core program in Performing Arts? In Classical Ballet?

Our very own Ameena Athab, Enderun BSBA junior majoring in Marketing, was named by the Cultural Center of the Philippines last August 31 as one of 24 finalists in the senior CCP Ballet Competition to be held November 17 at the Tanghalang Arturo Tolentino Hall.


Ameena Athab dancing ballet at Steps Studio, Broadway New York

Ameena Athab dancing ballet at Steps Studio, Broadway New York


A very difficult nomination to achieve! “The CCP Ballet Competition only happens every other year. And it is a fierce battle to be seen and recognized, and eventually placed in the competition, you battle every dancer in the Philippines!” says Ameena.

But Ameena does not consider herself only as a ballerina. “I  call myself a dancer. For every art form and style has its differences. It’s up to the dancer how to express herself. That’s the excitement and thrill of it. I love all kinds of dancing not only ballet —hip-hop jazz, ballroom, contemporary.  A dancer is basically an athlete too.”


Ameena kicks choreographically at futsal!Ameena kicks choreographically at futsal!


This comes as a brilliant climax to her years of dance preparation, participation in sports and heading the Titan Pep Squad and Dance Troupe this school year. And to top it all, Ameena is Dean’s Lister this year too. Born of an Iraqi father and a Filipina mother, Ameena exudes a multi-cultural, international personality. We all wish Ameena every success in the coming, difficult ballet competition.

While Enderun does not yet have a core program for Performing Arts, Enderun’s overall vision is to educate not only the mind for business or management, but encourage the development of the whole person including sports, dance, music, and all personal talents.

Ameena Athab, relaxing atop Brooklyn Bridge, after ballet practice.Ameena Athab, relaxing atop Brooklyn Bridge, after ballet practice.

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