Hey there, Titans!

You better watch out, and you definitely don’t want to miss out because INK’s Christmas issue has come to town! This holiday season, INK wishes the Enderun community a merry and uplifting Christmas.

A total celebration of everything festive, the KumukutikuTitan issue brings a wealth of information and expertise to help you create a Christmas worth remembering.

Through articles and podcast episodes, KumukutikuTitan features various Christmas ideas and Christmas stories – further proving how this time of year puts an emphasis on giving, love, and hope.

Elsewhere in this issue, we ask the Titans to share with us their favorite Noche Buena dishes and tag the people they’re most grateful for via the Enderun App.

As I finish this note, another day is starting, and we move one step closer to Christmas. Hope and love are in the air. We have much to be thankful for and much to hope for. Have a Merry Christmas from all of us at INK Enderun.

Angeli Sato

Once Upon a Filipino Christmas

Christmas is just right around the corner!
For Filipinos, the beginning of “ber months” automatically welcomes Christmas with much excitement. Traditional Filipino early Christmas decorations, Christmas music playing everywhere you go, Christmas party planning months ahead of time, and so much more.
A Filipino Christmas is full of love, joy, and giving. (Not to mention emotive and resounding karaoke, dancing, and eating!). Our nation’s Christmas is always something you can count on in gaining these and will always be something to look forward to.

How to Revive the Christmas Spirit

Christmas during a pandemic can feel incomplete. Some of us may not feel the Christmas Spirit for several reasons.
Whatever that may be, you also yearn to experience that magical feeling again but have no idea how to do so. Don’t worry; there are still ways on why you can celebrate and revive that holiday spirit.

The Sound of Christmas: A Christmas Playlist

What’s the holiday season without Christmas melodies taking us all into a place of gaiety and a state of jolly? There’s nothing more that yells “Christmas Spirit” than a good Christmas playlist to set our spirits on a high!
Just like scanning a Spotify barcode to take you to the music, check out this article to discover new and recommended tunes that you’ll want to add to your playlists to ignite the “merry” in Christmas!

Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Are you the kind of gift-giver who yearns to hand out gifts to everyone you know and make sure you give good presents? We understand the challenge, and we’ve figured it out for you! As dreamy as this is, a budget can play as one of the factors in setting this as an unrealistic standard, along with stress.
Here in this article, find ideas for heartwarming and personalized gifts that are still under or require no budget at all! There is no need to worry about great gifts because these will surely bring your loved ones to tears and be treasured.
For those struggling with online and social burnout, as well as boundaries in areas of your life, we’d love to see our Enderun community succoring in their mental and emotional health by first reading this article at.

Is Recycling Gifts Really that Bad?

We have so much stuff. Do we actually need more Santa mugs and fluffy slippers even for Christmas? Probably not. Whether you enjoy the holidays because of all the gifts or you find joy in giving them, the idea of handling presents sustainably and mindfully is a conversation we must have.
This article breaks down myths about recycling gifts or regifting for Christmas. Is it really that tacky, and should it always be avoided?

Christmas Films that are Trending on Netflix

It’s finally December, and we have grown accustomed to the usual activities once the “ber” months begin. However, the Christmas fever doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the ever so handy-dandy Netflix, we are provided with movies and TV shows of all genres, even more than the holiday season begins.
If you’re suddenly in the mood to watch Christmas films and don’t want to waste time browsing through hundreds of trending movies, don’t worry! INK has got you covered.


The Enderun Wishlist | The Longing Wishes of Every Titan

It may be a struggle to come up with a Christmas wish list because we tend to worry about judgment from others when we send it to them. Moreover, we are limited to doing so because of the pandemic.
With this, INK conducted a survey, asking multiple Enderun Titans what they wanted for Christmas. We received answers that reflected their true wishes and their authentic Titan hearts and traits.


A Merrier Christmas

As Filipinos, we love to celebrate Christmas for as long as possible. We put up Christmas decorations around our house, set up a Christmas tree and play Christmas songs while having our morning coffee as early as September.
As Christmas is a big holiday in our country, this is not the case for other countries. Christmas may be celebrated on different days, have different origins of their traditions, cultures incorporating folklore in their customs, so we must remember to be respectful to each and everyone’s celebrations.

How Titans Spend Christmas

As we approach that time of the year again, people are starting to celebrate one of the loveliest and most joyous seasons— Christmas.
And since Enderun is a school of diversity, meaning that everyone’s customs, traditions, cultures, and practices are unique and special, INK asked Enderun Titans to answer a survey on how they spend their Christmas or holiday season.

Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

We all know who Santa Claus is, but if you still haven’t heard of him, Santa Claus is the festive symbol of Christmas who secretly gives out gifts and brings out hopefulness filled with magic he spreads throughout every house in the world
Whether you believe in Santa Claus or not, we can still embody the spirit of hope and giving that he represents.

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