A Guide to Leadership in Business

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“The courage of leadership is giving others the chance to succeed even though you bear the responsibility for getting things done.” – Simon Sinek

The very big misconception about leadership is when it is often viewed as someone having that authority over people. They think of leadership as a title instead of a responsibility where the leader simply gives orders while everyone else does the work. If you have that work ethic then you are more referred to as a boss rather than a leader because great leaders inspire others to get things done and surround themselves with an interactive environment where everyone can learn. Most of the time young adults get confused about what it really takes to be a good and effective leader but here in Enderun we guide you through your leadership journey with wisdom and insights from our professors. We present to you a word of wisdom from different professors from the business department.

Ms. Marivic Ignacio
“Find your Ikigai.”

If one wants to hear about entrepreneurial efforts and activities, Ms. Marivic’s story is one of a kind. She had gone through four different acts in her life to be where she is right now. As young as seven years old, the entrepreneurial spirit within Ms. Marivic has been present. During the summer she would go out and sell ice candy or put out comic books for rent. At age 16, she started her own shop where she sells trendy kung fu shoes and stretched jeans and other clothes. Every three months she would have a Hong Kong trip to buy products to sell in her small shop and she was really immersed into different entrepreneurial efforts no matter how small.

“Ikigai” is a Japanese term which means the “reason for being”, what gives your life worth, meaning or purpose. In leadership it is very important to assess oneself internally and get to know who you really are. One vital quality of a leader is having a full grasp of your identity and values and when you do, that is the only time you can start serving and start communicating your objectives to other people. There is this Japanese proverb that she wanted to share with students where “Rulers and Leaders normally carry out a sword to be ready for fights.” As a leader your sword represents your readiness to face any obstacle that you may encounter, find that treasure chest which represents your resources to make things happen and always carry a mirror where you can constantly reflect and get to know yourself better.

If you want to start your leadership journey, you have to find your Ikigai, be on that quest to get to know who you are and along the way find things that fire you up. Be open and have that entrepreneurial mindset in you so that it’s always on the lookout for opportunities and never compare yourself with others, we all have different starting points. As a student being mindful of your work ethic, being present, and showing up are the main things that count in the beginning. Sometimes getting your foot in the door is all you need to get things done and propel into bigger heights.

Sir Ryan Morales
“Our failures don’t define us, they actually refine us.”

Prior to teaching in Enderun, Sir Ryan was an entrepreneur running a few businesses. He was invited by Ms. Marivic to give teaching a try since they heard that Sir Ryan participated in an entrepreneurship program in the United States. He first visited the campus and eventually found the environment to be really interesting so he decided to take the plunge.

When it comes to leadership, the number one quality is about taking responsibility. Being able to put yourself out there and it’s not just getting that title of being a leader or a manager but it’s about getting stuff done and working with people to achieve your objectives. There are many kinds of leadership and management styles but ultimately to be a good leader you need to work with and work through people to achieve your objectives. A good leader is being able to understand the dynamics, it’s not just having authority for a group of people but being able to inspire them to do special things.

For students who want to be great leaders, look at the potential things that you can do and take on more responsibility. “With great responsibility comes great power” is a better way of looking at things than just focusing on having authority. The true leaders are the people who get things done, the people are willing to take responsibility because they have an objective in mind but also having the courage to take the lead without guidance, taking initiative, control what we can control, taking action, and from there you can see where it will lead you. One thing that students also have to remember is that “our failures don’t define us, it actually refines us” making mistakes is okay as long as you learn from them. Make sure to use your failure as a learning opportunity to improve for the better.

While you’re still learning, set your objectives early, if possible set SMART goals for your college journey and challenge yourself. Students need to reframe their perspective on education and not be content with just getting a college degree but turn your college journey into something far more productive where the objective is to learn and develop skills that you can use in the future. For Entrepreneurship students, learn how to toughen up, learn to take criticisms because when you start your own business, believe it or not your customers will be your number one critics. Know how to handle failure and have that GRIT attitud

Sir JM Pabiton
“Leadership is going the extra mile, doing above and beyond what is required.”

Teaching was a way for Sir Jm to share his experience from the actual workplace and mold next generation leaders. Through teaching he is also gaining fresh insights from emerging talents and learning as well from the students. Whenever he conducts his classes, he always hinges on values, working with the right attitude and skills covering both the technical and behavioral aspects.

As a leader you have to walk the talk, whatever you say you have to do it. A great leader has to be a great influencer, storyteller, somebody who inspires people to do great things, and have that compassion and heart for other people. A great leader is also able to drive and embraces change.

As early as your freshman year, you have to assume leadership positions early on. You don’t have to wait while you graduate because leadership can be displayed in many ways not just in the workplace but you can show leadership at home, school, in a community – for example volunteering or helping out other classmates with managing initiatives to help the community. Leadership is doing good and doing the right thing even when no one is watching and not being silent whenever you see something wrong, call out the broken behavior. It is about doing extra efforts when you’re not asked to but you have that commitment to doing things and taking responsibility.

Ms. Suzanne Llanera
“Be compassionate”

Ms. Suzanne started teaching in Enderun last 2010 and aside from teaching she also has an international NGO called International Wildlife Coalition Trust, which is funded by the UK and advocates for the safety, protection, and treatment of aspins. Aside from teaching and her NGO work, she also has digital clients whom she writes articles for.

She doesn’t believe in an autocratic leadership style but rather believes in participative leadership where people can participate and consult but still have respect for the leader. A leader should have compassion, integrity, passion, and confidence. Leaders should first believe in themselves that they can do it and to have compassion and understand the people they’re working with. While having compassion is really important, you have to be firm, assertive, and with direction. Being a leader can start with being active in organizations, volunteering to offer your skills without being asked even though there’s no compensation, and inspiring other people to do good. Being compassionate will eventually lead to being a kind leader.

Being a leader may seem a lot of work but in the process you will be able to reflect on yourself and gather learning experiences that will benefit you in the future. You may not have noticed but at some point in your life, you have been a leader whether it’s in a school setting, at home or even in your community. You just have to change your perspective and ask yourself “what can I learn from this experience?” or “how will I apply this in real life?”. To be able to help out other people even though you took the responsibility of getting things done will be the starting point of your leadership journey.

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