Written by: Ronit Keswani | Graphics by: Ronit Keswani

MarkaPH is an organization that inspires youth to vote and make the right decisions when doing so. They have these talks in schools to inspire students and let them know that their vote can change their future and their country’s. I was lucky enough to be in the MarkaPH talk here in Enderun and here is my experience.

We were first introduced to The Philippine – Leadership and Empowerment Alliance for Development Inc. (PH – LEAD Inc.), a youth-led, non-profit organization working for youth empowerment, community development, and active political engagement. An organization recognized as a non-stock, non-profit organization under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, PH-LEAD Inc. positions itself to be the prime mover of the countryside youth development to empower and develop the Filipino youth agenda in terms of good governance, results-based management, gender development, and community empowerment.

We had guest speakers from this organization: Paul John DR Hernandez (President, PH-LEAD, Inc.), Pablito F. Apolinar, Jr. (Chief Finance Officer, PH-LEAD, Inc.), Jann Romeo S. Nacar (Executive Director, PH-LEAD, Inc.), Michael Angelo S. Sison (Head of Documentation, PH-LEAD, Inc.) and Joseph G. Navarro (Corporate Secretary, PH-LEAD, Inc.)

They first talked about the three modules under the Voters’ Empowerment Toolkit, first is the MAALAM Module, which introduces us to key concepts and ideas such as Democracy, Governance, Elections, Civic Participation, and the Rights of Suffrage. Democracy is one of the greatest blessings of society and Civic participation in democratic spaces is an important pillar of democracy. It entails collective decision and action among stakeholders of the community.

The next module is the ALISTO module which is a short workshop on the qualities of an SK official & our dreams for our barangays. We were divided into five groups and selected members of each group presented it in front.

The last module is the RESPONSABLE module which talks about Democracy being your right, but also working hard for the betterment of all. Aim to eradicate poverty, not to lessen it. Connect, thrive & survive; you’re not living in a vacuum. You’re privileged but use that privilege to create your own voice, which is equivalent to your rights. Empathy is the key to democracy, and silence will mark something else in your future.

By the end of the talk, they discussed why one should vote responsibly. One of the things that they said that stood out to me is, “Loving yourself is good but loving your country is great.”

Your vote doesn’t just affect you but your entire country’s faith. It is important to think wisely because your vote can change the future, hopefully for the better.

Special thanks to the speakers for coming and informing us about this. And, also special thanks to Peer Facilitators for organizing this talk, this would not be possible without them.

Marka PH at Enderun Colleges
October 23, 2023 4:30-6:00 pm Amphitheater
Organizers – Patricia Lopez (Head), Colin Fuerte, Gabbie Peciller, Hart Rustia, Isabelle Mapa, Jashen Supang, Jenina Juson, John Jason Alvarez, Amanhelle Pajarillo, Marc Phuaphee, Leila Jandayan, Andrea Jandayan, James Natividad, Nicole Ricafrente, Sofia Inumerables, and Marius Goitia.
In collaboration with the Enderun Leadership Program
In partnership with Enderun Social Orientation & Community Development

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